Deloitte Webshop Launches New Name and Sees Massive Increase in Report Database

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UTRECHT, the Netherlands, November 9, 2017

Deloitte's online store is the only place in the world that sells customized benchmarking reports generated by artificial intelligence.

Our Risk Reports and Strategy Reports are created with the latest artificial intelligence technology to quickly and efficiently search through 100,000 reports, making sure you will get the best insights into your company's needs. We have a dedicated team of international data scientists who are continuously improving our unique technology. The reports are 100% data and insight driven and we only rely on facts. For our Security Quickscan we benefit from the knowledge of the five-fold…

As from today, Deloitte Webshop will be known as DeloitteSmartReports. At anyone can buy customized benchmarking reports that give the latest insights into an industry or business. The current assortment consists of risk and strategy reports as well as the Security Quickscan. The reports are generated by artificial intelligence and real-time data, ensuring top-notch quality and accuracy.

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Improved technology and explosive growth of database

The technology behind the reports has improved significantly. In the past, we were limited to scanning the risk chapters in the annual reports. Now Deloitte scans entire annual reports to find possible risks companies have to look out for. The database has also gained access to more than 100,000 reports, an increase of no less than 100%. The number of companies has risen from 15,000 to 20,000.

Expansion of DeloitteSmartReports 

The shop currently offers risk and strategy reports but also the Security Quickscan; a scan that gives a good first insight into the security of a company's digital environment. The data scientists of Deloitte are rapidly improving their technology and you'll soon find Merge & Acquisition reports as well as Technology reports at our online store.

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