David Chasse of Coralville, Iowa Provides Value Saying ‘Thank You’ With the Birthday Company

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Press Release updated: Dec 26, 2017 10:30 EST

CORALVILLE, Iowa, December 26, 2017 – It appears evident for a large company to express thanks to customers. The truth is companies lack the resources to remember essential days and send gifts. But when companies want to send clients a present to remember that particular day, they turn to David Chasse of Coralville, Iowa and his business, The Birthday Company.

At the Birthday Company, they believe in the value of showing appreciation. Saying 'Thank You' to a customer expresses gratitude to those who help make their business possible. Chasse and his company know that establishing relationships with clients is vital to creating future business.

The Birthday Company Knows How to Help Retain Clients

This mission statement is why The Birthday Company’s corporate birthday card services are a great benefit to any business, small or large. In addition to birthday greetings, The Birthday Company can also establish a database for a particular business, so that clients will know how valuable they are.

“While the gift may be small, it can go a long way to making a customer keep their business with a company for years,” says Chasse. “We've seen companies show a higher percentage of retention after signing on with our business.”

Keeping client relationships healthy is The Birthday Company's specialty. They also offer many different specific occasion cards to ensure that clients know how much the company genuinely cares. Chasse's company birthday card assistance is excellent for medical practices and other public services.

The highly acclaimed section of The Birthday Company is that the automated system is easy to use. A company will never miss another birthday or special occasion. The Birthday Company helps maintain critical relationships with clients for years to come.

The importance of gaining new clients has become more difficult as the economy changes. In recent studies, being able to add new clients can cost almost five times the amount of keeping current customers.

Because of this fact, companies are turning their attention to keeping their current clientele. Showing appreciation, with help from The Birthday Company, is a budget-friendly and straightforward service to handle this appreciation token.

“In today's business sector, many companies don't have the time or resources to keep track of clients and their significant days,” adds Chasse. “Our business makes it easy to set a budget and make sure each customer gets the proper appreciation.”

Signing Up Is Easy and Beneficial For Any Company, Large or Small

A company, large or small, can signup on Chasse's website for free. Once all the proper information enters into the system for a particular firm, they can input clients.

For each client, a company enters the address and essential days for that particular client.

“What makes our services unique is when a date is approaching, the business will be notified one week in advance,” Chasse explains. “This allows for certain aspects of our services to kick in.”

These services include setting a budget for the gift and what kind of item it will be. Pieces from The Birthday Company include gift cards to chocolates to mugs and stuffed animals.

“Our services are very budget friendly,” says Chasse. “Even a small business can afford our items and cards, which make it great for anybody looking to utilize our assistance in retaining clients.”

Another significant aspect of The Birthday Company is eliminating the need for signatures. The company uploads a high-resolution autograph which will show up on any card or packaging. Also, the company will not have to worry about a client receiving the same gift or card twice.

“We make sure each customer receives a unique card or item,” adds Chasse. “This ensures a healthy company/client relationship. Finally, if you add in all of our services, the competitors won't match what we offer and our special touch.”

For additional information, visit www.BirthdayCo.com.

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