Customize Fragrances with Renaisscent, A Smart Waterless Diffuser Now Available on Indiegogo

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We want users to have fun mixing fragrances from anywhere at any time all while being safer than other diffusers.

TAIPEI, Taiwan

Renaisscent, a smart waterless diffuser, continues to raise funds on Indiegogo with 10 days remaining in their campaign. It is no secret that fragrance diffusers have taken the market by storm; however, Renaisscent gives users the power to diffuse fragrances at any time by creating unique scents via an app available for smartphones.

Renaisscent allows users to mix and match up to six scents from their variety of fragrances. Their scents were designed to correspond with daily moods such as exhaustion, stress and excitement. For example, their relaxation scents, including lime, melon and mandarin, make users feel like they are on a tropical vacation, or oriental meditation makes users feel calm and rejuvenated. Renaisscent even offers users the ability to set fragrance alarms with their Renaisscent app, so users are able to wake up to an energizing fragrance or fall asleep to a soothing scent.

Additionally, Renaisscent allows users to change the fan intensity, which helps control the range of distance the fragrance travels for up to six hours. Since it is waterless, there is no wax, residue or cleanup, making it not only safer, but also portable. Renaisscent is available in three different colors: black, white or gold. The diffuser uses a rechargeable battery, which charges via a micro USB cable.

“We created Renaisscent to allow people to be creative with the scents in their lives,” said Founder Alston Wu. “We want users to have fun mixing fragrances from anywhere at any time all while being safer than other diffusers.”

Renaisscent currently has 10 days remaining and is available on Indiegogo for $119, which is 41% off the future retail price. For more information, visit

About Renaisscent
Alston Wu and Brenda Wang’s concept of Renaisscent is to design high quality fragrances applied with smart technology. They hope to provide positive experiences of conveniently adjusting people’s moods and improve health and happiness in their daily activities. For more information about Renaisscent, visit

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