Cota Joined Fellow Innovators at the Health 2.0 Precision Health Summit

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NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2017Cota Inc., a healthcare data and analytics company bridging precision medicine to population health, announced the participation of its chief medical officer, Andrew Norden, M.D., in a panel discussion at last week's Health 2.0 Technology for Precision Health Summit. The Summit, which took place on December 12, 2017 in San Francisco, California, focused on how technology and big data are transforming healthcare to increase quality and length of life.

During the one-day event, Dr. Norden joined a panel discussion on “How Science and Technology are Changing Patient Care in Oncology.” The panelists – which included top influencers from companies like Syapse and Flatiron Health – discussed advancements in science and technology's positive impact on cancer care. Precision medicine was a major focal point of the talk because of the powerful impact genomic biomarkers have had on patients with critical cancer diagnoses in just the past few years. The panelists also discussed the need for more collaboration across the industry.

“While precision medicine holds great promise, the data and care processes need to catch up to the science. I was excited to hear that all of my fellow panelists agreed on how important it is for us to continue building on the incremental progress in other areas of cancer care,” said Dr. Norden. “I believe one of those key growth areas lies in the data, specifically how we manage and present the exponentially growing level of clinical and genomic information into the clinical workflow. Our mission at Cota is to tackle this challenge head on through the creation of advanced data and analytics tools that will help clinicians practice precision medicine at scale.”

In addition to participating in the panel session, Dr. Norden demonstrated the Cota Nodal Address™ (CNA) system and showed how it optimizes decision-making at the point of care. The CNA system organizes the complexities of patients and their diseases in a form that permits detailed analysis and tracking of outcomes, toxicity, practice patterns and costs, population-level information that physicians have not had access to before. Dr. Norden highlighted how Cota's novel approach enables value-based cancer care while also generating hypotheses that will ultimately lead to new prognostic and therapeutic factors for cancer research.

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About Cota
Cota is a healthcare data and analytics company that enables providers, payers and life science companies involved in diagnosing and treating complex diseases to optimize the outcomes of individual patients and lower the overall cost of the patient population served. It is powered by the patented Cota Nodal Address™ (CNA) system, a unique digital classification methodology built by leading physicians and data scientists. The CNA is the first and only system that precisely categorizes patient factors, their diseases and intended therapies, enabling precision medicine at scale.

Cota's technology enriches medical records to create research-grade data and joins it with a suite of analysis, visualization and management tools. This enables providers, payers and life science companies to analyze, report on and research outcomes, costs, treatments and quality at any granularity and stage of the patient journey. The result is a constantly improving system that merges technology and medicine to improve the lives of patients everywhere. For more information, go to 

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