Community Health Choice Gets Jefferson County Students Moving and Learning with GoNoodle

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“Community Health Choice is dedicated to community wellness and knows that schools play a critical role in promoting the health of young children and helping them establish lifelong healthy behaviors,” said Amber Buchanan, Marketing Manager for Community Health Choice.


Community Health Choice has partnered with GoNoodle to get thousands of kids in Jefferson County moving more at school and at home. GoNoodle’s online movement videos and games get kids running, jumping, dancing, stretching, and practicing moments of mindfulness right next to their desks. Grounded in research, GoNoodle delivers proven results by bettering behavior, more focused time-on-task, and improved academic performance.

Through this 3-year partnership, 53 public and private schools and over 24,000 elementary students in Jefferson County will have access to GoNoodle’s premium version, GoNoodle Plus, at no cost.

Fully funded by Community Health Choice, the goal of this partnership is to increase physical activity amongst kids. GoNoodle has hundreds of movement and mindfulness videos, and GoNoodle Plus includes additional games that bring movement and core-subjects together to develop fluency in grade-specific math and ELA topics. With GoNoodle Plus, Jefferson County elementary teachers have the ability to customize GoNoodle content, which further supports their lesson plans and academic goals of the classroom.

“Community Health Choice is dedicated to community wellness and knows that schools play a critical role in promoting the health of young children and helping them establish lifelong healthy behaviors,” said Amber Buchanan, Marketing Manager for Community Health Choice. “We are excited to partner with GoNoodle in an effort to get more students engaged and interested in being active while also learning.”

According to the CDC, only one-quarter of today’s youth meet the current recommendation of at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Together with Community Health Choice, GoNoodle is helping local students earn vital minutes of physical activity with entertaining experiences that feature high-energy dance music, fitness routines, virtual field trips and physical challenges. Over 12 million kids play GoNoodle each month, generating over 5 billion minutes of movement in the past year alone.

To use GoNoodle, teachers need to have a computer with an internet connection and a shared screen such as a projector or interactive whiteboard. At home, kids can create and customize their accounts (with parent verification), and get playing GoNoodle online, on mobile, or on Apple TV. Teachers, parents and kids can sign up for free at Courtesy of Community Health Choice, public and private school teachers, parents and kids in Jefferson county will have free access to GoNoodle Plus by signing up at

“Regular physical activity is critically important to the healthy development of kids. And, we know healthy kids do better in school,” said Scott McQuigg, CEO and co-founder of GoNoodle. “Thanks to the generous partnership with Community Health Choice, it’s great to see GoNoodle help make Jefferson County classrooms active spaces where kids can earn important minutes of physical activity while also enhancing learning.”

About Community Health Choice
Community Health Choice (Community) is a non-profit Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance. Through its large network of providers and hospitals, Community serves over 400,000 members in 20 counties in Southeast Texas with Medicaid, CHIP and Health Insurance Marketplace medical insurance. Community’s mission is to improve the health of underserved residents of Southeast Texas by opening doors to coordinated high quality, affordable healthcare and health-related social services.

About GoNoodle
GoNoodle (launched in 2013), gets kids moving to be their smartest, strongest, bravest, silliest, bestest selves. GoNoodle is among the fastest adopted online resources used by elementary teachers, connecting movement, mindfulness and learning for their students. Delivering measurable gains in academics and health, GoNoodle’s 100’s of short interactive videos and games get kids moving throughout the school day, keeping them energized and focused, while introducing curricular topics, practicing mindfulness or just getting the wiggles out. GoNoodle supports teachers in optimizing learning opportunities while creating a joyful classroom. Currently, more than 14 million kids and over 650,000 teachers use GoNoodle each month. GoNoodle is used in 80% of U.S. public elementary schools in all 50 states and worldwide in 185 countries. Over 2 million families use GoNoodle at home, turning screen time into active time, either through, apps for the iPhone and Apple TV and through the GoNoodle YouTube channel. Learn more at


Community Health Choice


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