Colorado’s Most Trusted Cannabis Company, incredibles, Launches a Line of Triple Tested, Healthy Alternative Wellness Products for the Medical Marijuana Patient

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DENVER, Nov. 10, 2017 — Pioneering cannabis brand incredibles (licensed by MC Brands LLC. and manufactured by Medically Correct, LLC in Colorado), which manufactures one of the top-selling incredible marijuana-infused edibles and extracts in Colorado, is again prepared to shake up the cannabis industry with the launch of its new incredible Wellness line of products including THC & CBD Tincture, a distillate vaporizer, 500mg THC Bath Salts and high milligram cannabinoid Suppositories. In the wake of a study released this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association stating that a third of CBD products are mislabeled- incredible Wellness is committed to triple testing every single product and mandates the use of the highest-quality ingredients. The incredible Wellness product line was developed around a mission to provide patients and consumers with trustworthy cannabis-infused products made in discreet product formats, various THC:CBD ratios, and products that are always tested for potency, purity and dosing accuracy.

Introducing incredible Wellness. After 7 Years of R&D, incredibles Launches a Line of Triple Tested, Consistent and Trusted High-Milligram and Discreet THC and CBD Wellness Products Throughout Colorado with High MG Suppositories and Tinctures Along with 1:10 THC:CBD Vapes, Aromatherapeutic Bath Salts and Topicals.

After announcing its national expansion earlier this year, incredibles introduces a line of holistic cannabis products – infused with premium, 100% lab-tested cannabis oils. The incredible Wellness product line is designed to fit into a variety of lifestyles via a multitude of delivery options. From Bath Salts to Tinctures, incredible Wellness products will hit shelves in Colorado this Fall and nationally, starting with Las Vegas, early next year. Promising not only high milligram and discreet product formats- incredibles sources all of its THC and CBD from Colorado and is always accurately dosed. 

“We've spent the last seven years working with medical marijuana patients and our team on research and development prior to launching incredible Wellness. The result is safe, sugar-free and accurately dosed product formats that patients and consumers need the most,” said Bob Eschino, Founder and President of incredibles. “As a result, we're confident that this line of products will be the most trusted and effective available – and therefore truly revolutionary to the marketplace.”

And the Company's new 1:1 Wellness Tincture formulation is already helping vulnerable medical marijuana patients in need in Colorado for years prior to this product launch. For example, medical refugee and advocate Bradley Tresp, a 4-year-old suffering from a severe and rare form of epilepsy known as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome who after years of ineffective regimens has seen medical cannabis markedly improve his quality of life.

“Over the years we've worked with patients across Colorado to refine the Tincture format- providing relief to countless patients and medical refugees. It is our pleasure to now introduce our incredibles Wellness cannabis oil Tincture, available in 1:1, 10:1, 1:10 THC:CBD ratios up to 2,500mg on the medical side. This is an alternative solution for those in need,” said Derek Cumings, Co-Founder of incredibles.

By contrast, other products in the incredible Wellness line, like the Vape and Bath Salts are approachable to new users and add to their healthy lifestyle. incredible Wellness' rollout begins with a new Vape pen – Pure – which combines ultra-clean THC distillate available in 1:10, 10:1 and 1:1 ratios. Perfect for the novice user who is interested in an alternative option in for their well-being. We can't wait for you to try incredible Wellness and have a better experience with cannabis.

The thoughtful incredible Wellness products, which range from Tinctures and Suppositories to Bath Salts and Vape pens, fit perfectly into any lifestyle. As incredibles Founder & CEO Rick Scarpello notes, these products truly cater to the cannabis 2.0 consumer.

“The market for infused cannabis products has developed rapidly in Colorado since 2010, with incredibles leading the charge on dosing, consistency and ingredient quality,” said Scarpello, a former health food executive. “Today, we continue to innovate with the introduction of incredible Wellness.”

The groundbreaking incredible Wellness Bath Salt brings aromatherapy into the mix via its two formulations, Lavender and Eucalyptus – each packing 500mg of THC into the soothing bathwater. And the incredible Wellness Suppositories will offer discreet and effective delivery to patients and consumers alike. “The bath soak is the best way for athletes or anyone suffering pain and anxiety to relax after a stressful day- trust me- I used to be ballet dancer,” said Founder and Executive Chef Joshua Fink.

With these wellness-oriented products and a holistic patient-first approach, incredibles is solidifying its reputation as the nation's most innovative and passionate cannabis brand. The incredible Wellness products on sale in Colorado dispensaries are developed over years and are produced in a state-of-the-art production facility in Denver, using the highest quality cannabis and manufactured with incredibles' proprietary extraction equipment and industry-leading standards.

Originally founded by Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings and Joshua Fink in 2010, Medically Correct, LLC (whose IP is licensed by MC Brands) has grown into Colorado's highest-volume and most nationally awarded cannabis-infused product manufacturing company. The business's reputation for high-quality extracts and product innovation, and its investment in long-term growth, has solidified MC Brands' position as an industry leader in cannabis industry.

With a combined 30 years in business development and food production expertise, Eschino and Scarpello shared a fundamental goal of bringing professional and consistent edibles to the cannabis marketplace. They are still equally passionate about delivering reliable products focused on product safety, extraction purity, ingredient quality, lab testing and compliant packaging.

incredibles' mission is to advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry and help propel it forward. Featuring a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich edibles, incredibles continues to lead the industry in innovative chocolates, vape pens, extracts and confections with more product lines in development.

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