Bricks + Agent Launches New Cloud-Based Property Maintenance Platform

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November 16, 2017 – Co-founders of the newly launched cloud-based property maintenance platform, Bricks + Agent, Rafael Niesten, and Jon Stul are giving homeowners, property managers, Airbnb managers, and strata managers their time back.

“The task of finding quality tradesmen is time-consuming, especially as a property manager when you have a portfolio of 100 plus rental properties. For that reason, we decided to create a platform that would save people time and money. Users can find electricians, plumbers, gardeners, and other service providers instantly by creating a job’ says Stul.

The Bricks + Agent software says Niesten, is ‘disrupting the traditional business model of how property managers find tradesmen for maintenance jobs and offer full transparency and accountability for all involved parties’. For the first time, the power is in their hands, and they can find electricians in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or any other Australian city, in a matter of minutes.

Bricks + Agent was built out of respect for property managers and tradesmen. By allowing all parties to communicate and manage jobs in one place, Niesten and Stul have bridged an inconvenient gap in the time-poor world we live in today. Instead of spending hours searching online for qualified contractors, the cloud-based software allows users to search, review and hire to get maintenance jobs done faster.

If you are a busy homeowner or property manager always on the lookout for quality service providers, then this app is perfect for you. On the platform, you can post jobs anonymously, and get quotes from tradies. You choose who you are going to work with and when to share personal details. By using our platform you can find electricians in Brisbane, or any other Aussie city instantly.

If you are an electrician who is looking for trustworthy job listings in a certain area, simply create your professional profile and gain access to the latest job listings in your area.


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