Breakthrough within the retail sector – agreement with new global client and new mobile App

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OSLO, 22 December 2017 – Induct AS has reached an agreement with a leading global company within the retail sector, with more than 10,000 stores worldwide. During Q1, the client will pilot the Induct platform for managing ideas and improvements from selected stores, from idea until realized project.

«We look forward to deploying Induct's platform to support their innovation practice for improving efficiency, create new offerings and their desire to deliver world class customer satisfaction», says CEO Alf Martin Johansen in Induct.

Kick start for further growth
The contract value for this initial pilot phase is NOK 200.000.

«This is only the beginning. Not only are we confident this contract will generate more revenue after the pilot phase, it is also a kick start for further growth within enterprises, one of Induct’s focus areas», says Johansen.

The client, who for the time being wants to remain confidential, estimate large cost savings and great efficiency increase all over the organization.

«We are talking about huge figures that such clients will save on implementing Inducts platform», says Johansen.

New app
Among the products that Induct will deliver, are a brand new app.

«We are looking forward to launch our brand new mobile app for capturing ideas in such a large organization», says Johansen.

This is a contract in the vertical Enterprises, which is one of the five verticals Induct focuses on (Health, Municipalities/cities, Enterprises, Education and Humanitarian sector).


For further information, please contact:
Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
+47 90 17 94 35
[email protected]

About Induct

Based on eight years of collaboration with over 250 organizations globally, Induct offers a digital platform that enables efficient management of knowledge based projects and processes. In addition Induct enables the organisations to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge in a secure cloud-based network.

Subscriptions is the main source of income for Induct. Induct has customers in 9 countries

Induct is listed on the Merkur Market list on Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker INDUCT-ME.


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