Borderless Corp., Inc. to Launch Expanse DAO

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WASHINGTON, N.C., Nov. 7, 2017 — Expanse.Tech is launching a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), putting all major project decisions into the hands of its community.

Launched in 2015, Expanse is the first stable alternative public chain of Ethereum. Now with the coding of the DAO complete and set for alpha testing in December, its revolutionary vision of becoming an organization completely free of contractual obligations to outsiders or institutions is about to become a reality.

“The vision of Expanse was always to build a decentralized version of Ethereum, succeeding where others have failed,” said James Clayton, Expanse co-founder. “By giving power to the community in a way that leads to rational choices and ensures the community's safety, the reserve that is held in time-locked smart contracts will be controlled entirely by the Expanse DAO.”

Expanse launched without an ICO. Instead, a reserve (premine) was created, of which only five percent has been tapped for development. The balance remains in the community fund in time-locked smart contracts.

Among the ambitious developments to date are the creation of VoteLock™, a voting dApp slated for use with the DAO and beyond, and Tokenlab™, a platform that provides a suite of managed services designed for ICOs. Expanse now has development teams across the globe and has brought in carefully selected managers with extensive backgrounds in technology, marketing and business development to round out the leadership team.

“DAOs have been described as wildly ambitious and radical because they essentially automate management with code,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse co-founder and Borderless Corp. CEO. “The beauty lies in the fact that anyone who owns Expanse DAO tokens can pitch their project, then token-holders use VoteLock to determine which projects the DAO funds. The project rules are locked into smart contracts, which are essentially immutable and incorruptible. The community receives rewards if those projects make a return.”

This approach to the Expanse DAO makes it one of the most visionary community blockchain projects to date. Offering immutability and only changing code with a true consensus, the Expanse DAO follows the code-is-law mantra.

Read The Vision of Expanse to learn more about the Expanse DAO. Visit to sign up to be an alpha tester for the Expanse DAO.

About Expanse
Christopher Franko, CEO of Borderless Corp., Inc. is the co-founder of Expanse. With a two-year history of consistent growth and stability, the Expanse.Tech blockchain uses cutting-edge technology with real-world utility to expand and grow while rewarding its community, investors and partners. To learn more about Expanse, go to or visit us on Facebook at You can also follow us on Instagram at

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