Blue Ridge Networks to Demo BorderGuard Suite of Products and AppGuard at the Capital Cybersecurity Summit

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CHANTILLY, Va., Nov. 13, 2017 — Blue Ridge Networks announced today that it will be exhibiting and providing demonstrations of its BorderGuard and AppGuard cybersecurity solutions at the second annual Capital Cybersecurity Summit on November 14-15, 2017, at Booth #36.

The Capital Cybersecurity Summit will take place at The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner and will feature distinguished keynote speakers and panels offering insights on emerging cybersecurity technologies, digital solutions, operations and enforcement from the private sector and government perspectives. FBI Cyber Division Deputy Assistant Director Howard Marshall will keynote the Summit's opening reception on November 14.

Blue Ridge will offer hands-on demonstrations of both its BorderGuard and AppGuard solutions.

Blue Ridge's BorderGuard suite of products isolate and contain operational technology (OT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems and networks from larger enterprise network vulnerabilities by virtually overlaying existing networking environments, creating trusted enclaves that prevent unauthorized access and contain all communications within trusted environments. OT and IIoT devices within the BorderGuard-enabled enclave are not discoverable or addressable from other networks. By using an overlay approach, BorderGuard deployments do not require changes to network infrastructure. The products allow authorized remote access to devices, while maintaining multi-layer isolation from IT networks and even the endpoint PC used for access. This provides extensive protection against insider threats as well as malicious end-users, while allowing secure remote access.

AppGuard prevents malware from detonating without requiring scanning, updates, or signature-based detection, which can be easily defeated by new emerging undetectable malware attacks. It delivers valuable Indicators of Attack (IOA) well in advance of conventional detection, response, and containment products which typically rely on detecting and identifying Indicators of Compromise (IOC) after a compromise has already occurred.

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Based in Northern Virginia, Blue Ridge Networks is a visionary cybersecurity pioneer providing proven network breach prevention, secure remote access, and endpoint security solutions. Its BorderGuard suite of products isolate, contain, and protect operational technology and information technology systems by creating trusted enclaves that prevent unauthorized access and contain network sessions for remote sites, users, and Industrial IoT devices.  Blue Ridge also provides AppGuard, an award-winning endpoint breach prevention solution that stops malware from detonating without requiring detection, scanning, or updates, thus preventing breaches from occurring that are undetectable and unstoppable by other methods. Blue Ridge solutions have protected critical operations for some of the largest US government, financial, infrastructure, and healthcare customers for more than twenty years with no reported breaches. 

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