Blockchain Real Estate Company Prime-Ex Perpetual Launches ICO

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First of a kind real estate company Panama-based Prime-Ex Perpetual, which uses blockchain technology to fund homebuilding and even collect mortgage payments, has announced plans to raise millions during the Initial Coin Offering. The campaign focusing on ready-to-relocate trendsetters from around the globe has started today and will run until November 30, 2017.

During a pre-sale, which began on November 1, 2017, Prime-Ex Perpetual crossed a 2.5 million PEX-Token sale threshold meeting minimums necessary to begin operations. Prime-Ex focuses on the building, selling, and long-term financing of American-style homes for expats via their branded real estate ecosystem tokenized by their PEX-Token, built on the blockchain technology available from the Waves platform.

Prime-Ex Perpetual believes that traditional home building/financing model is inherently inefficient. Prime-Ex fundamentally transforms the way real estate process is approached. The company does not use credit scores, employs asset verification rather than income verification, and PEX-Tokens, which buyers can use to pay for mortgages or for pure investment. In addition, Prime-Ex features a guaranteed property buy-back at two-thirds of the original price – these are the distinct features of the Prime-Ex Perpetual’s Revolution Loan.

Prime-Ex Perpetual is raising funds to support the proof of concept. For that reason, the company has issued 30,000,000 (thirty million) PEX-Tokens utilizing the Waves Platform. Reaching its business objectives will allow Prime-Ex Perpetual to implement their residential ecosystem and allow homeowner’s to experience home ownership in a new and exciting way.

PEX-Tokens are available ONLY at Tokens are available for sale in Bitcoin, Waves,and Ether, or in USD, Euro and British pounds. The initial rate of one PEX-token is 1 US dollar ($1.00 USD). The distinct feature of Prime-Ex Perpetual ICO is that it the PEX-Token owners are guaranteed to get 80% of the company’s audited net profit, distributed yearly.

For more information or to register your exchange please visit:

About Prime-Ex Perpetual

The Prime-Ex Perpetual 125 home proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes used to be challenging for expats. Once the concept has been proven, Prime-Ex Perpetual will expand into other international locations. To buy Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEX-Tokens or download the whitepaper, please visit Also please visit or follow us on Twitter: @PEXTokens

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