Bio-Optronics® and Complion Announce Integration to Unify Best-in-Class CTMS and eRegulatory Solutions for Clinical Research Organizations

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November 11, 2017 – Bio-Optronics, the makers of the market leader Clinical Conductor Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), and Complion, the powerful eRegulatory and document management platform for sites, have partnered to integrate their best-in-class solutions to deliver an industry-leading solution for research organizations.

The companies are building upon their long-standing commitment to meet customer needs and develop innovative solutions to empower investigative sites to run the world’s best research. This integration introduces a highly robust application suite, enabling research organizations to operate efficiently and profitably, while maintaining compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Clinical research sites receive the most advanced tools for study management through Clinical Conductor – including finances, recruitment, and participant management – with the added power from Complion for regulatory and document management. By streamlining access to critical study documents and statuses, sites can reduce bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and facilitate more timely and accurate decisions.

“We wanted to partner with the best eRegulatory provider in the business to provide the industry with unparalleled innovations that further complement our powerful CTMS and allow research businesses to maximize their operations and enhance research quality,” said Steve Bailey, VP of Clinical Conductor CTMS.

“Complion’s best-in-class regulatory and document management platform complements the multi-tiered robustness of Clinical Conductor CTMS. This integration is a natural extension as it provides a fuller solution for sites. Our partnership provides a step forward for our joint customers and we look forward to collaborating with Bio-Optronics to support investigative sites and advance research,” said Rick Arlow, Founder and CEO of Complion.

Other integrations from Bio-Optronics have included a multitude of software applications such as EMR, EDC, ePRO. The latest integration with Complion is available now, and all are invited to learn more at MAGI West 2017.

About Complion
Complion’s regulatory and document management platform simplifies the management of trial documentation to ensure site efficiency and improve regulatory compliance. Complion partners with leading physicians, Health Systems, Academic Medical Centers and NCI designated Cancer Centers to define institutional standards and streamline research operations.

For more information, please visit or follow @Complion on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Bio-Optronics
Bio-Optronics, the creator of Clinical Conductor CTMS, is a leading software and services company that creates user-focused software and services for healthcare organizations that positively impacts the lives of patients around the world. Clinical Conductor CTMS is an established clinical trial management system designed to help businesses run the world’s best research. Utilized by thousands of research organizations worldwide, Clinical Conductor is designed to simplify and standardize complex research processes for businesses managing and conducting clinical trials.

For more information, visit or follow @BioOptronics on Twitter or LinkedIn

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