Big Fish Design Launches Squint Browser – the World’s Only Keyword-Driven Web Browser

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AUSTIN, Texas–()–Big Fish Design announces the immediate availability of Squint Browser 3.0 on the App Store. This revolutionary internet tool improves the browsing experience by searching every web page for multiple keywords to find, organize and deliver content of interest.

Set up Keywords – 10, 20, 30 or more – and add Colors and Effects to:

  • Mark – Find it. Highlight and extract important content.
  • Snip – Block the junk. Silence the hype or hide the score.
  • Warp – Change it up. Nickname Facebook friends, celebrities and politicians.

Squint was created to manage a huge flaw of technology: data overload. We partnered with Albert Swantner and his team of award-winning software engineers at Bohemian Innovation LLC to develop the world’s most efficient web browser.

“Squint represents the first true browser innovation in decades,” said Aaron C. Lyman, Founder and President of Big Fish Design. “Squint is scalable to other operating systems, browsers and devices and our API allows developers to easily integrate Squint functionality. We are attending CES Las Vegas next month and welcome discussions with OEM partners.”

Squint iPad and iPhone

  • Works in Any Language.
  • Single tap the Squint button for Keywords and Results.
  • Double tap to turn Squint on/off.
  • Headlines, links, images and text are instantly extracted and organized.
  • Voice Assistance for hands-free browsing.

Squint Apple Watch

  • Keywords and Favorites on iPhone synch to the Watch.
  • Swipe for: Keywords – Favorites – Results
  • For fresh Results, open Squint on iPhone and tap Update on the Watch.

Squint CarPlay

  • Web Content at Your VoiceTM.
  • The alternative to lame radio, e-books and music.
  • Coming soon!

Additional Resources

Get the app: Squint Browser 3.0 for iPad, IPhone and Apple Watch.

Product info: White Paper, Patent Application, Press Kit.


Twitter: @SquintBrowser.

YouTube: SquintBrowser

About Big Fish Design

Big Fish Design LLC is registered in Texas, USA and provides consumer software applications for the mobile, automotive and wearables markets. The company has a world-class engineering team with unsurpassed design, development and testing expertise.

Squint Browser has a patent-pending and SQUINT represents a registered trademark of our brand.

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