Bicycle Brake Components Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2025

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New York, NY — 11/17/2017 — Bicycle Brake is intended to provide a decelerating force to retard a bicycle speed and for placing it in rest. In urban and rural areas, bicycles are attaining popularity as an effective means of transportation, where it is often more convenient than other methods. Bicycle brakes are the prominent part of bicycle, these are often made of aluminum for reasons of strength, weight, and corrosion resistance and for low-end bicycles, and many parts are made of steel. Brake pedal, disc brake, rear brake and others are bicycle brake components, intended to stop the motion of bicycle when needed. Bicycle brake components differ with type of bicycle such as disc brake for mountain bikes, and downhill racing bikes. Hayes brakes with advanced technology also committed for high performance with breakthrough design. Urban bikes with sustainable design, lightweight, and manageable brakes also attract the user. Opportunities associated with new technological advancement in bicycles as in e-bikes, standard, mountain terrain bike, kid bicycle segment and racing bikes become a factor to fuel the market growth of bicycle brake components market. In order to enhance the quality of bicycles, manufacturing companies are focusing towards improvement of bicycle brake components by using high quality steel and aluminum parts. Moreover bicycle brake components market undergone significant growth by improvising its brake components designs, techniques.

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Bicycle brake components market: Dynamics

Bicycles are cost efficient than any other vehicles, and in large population areas, workers use bicycles in order to escape the crowded trains on their daily commute. Such factors drive the market growth in developing countries for bicycle brake component market. Green movement to maintain ecofriendly atmospheres, the need to address health problems, environmental sustainability, and higher gas prices augur well for the future of human-powered transportation. Increase in the popularity of bicycle racing also drive the growth for bicycle brake components market. The hybrid bicycle segments with disc brakes is estimated to account for significant amount in the bicycle market due to high demand from the users for, commuting, recreational, and trekking purposes. High bicycle market growth boost the demand for light weighted, attractive design brake components. The repair and maintenance of bicycles is expected to drive the brake components market perennially.

Now a day's major world population is focused towards two and four wheeler vehicles and cost associated with e-bikes are some factors which hinder the bicycle brake components market growth.

Bicycle brake components market: Segmentation

Bicycle brake components market can be segmented on the basis of brake type, bicycle type and

On the basis of brake type, bicycle brake components market can be segmented as

Spoon brake
Duck brake
Rim brake
Disc brake
Drum brake
Coaster brakes
Drag brakes
Band brake

On the basis of end use, bicycle brake components market can be segmented as

Road bikes
Sports bikes
Hybrid bikes
Mountain bikes

On the basis of application, bicycle brake components market can be segmented as

Conventional bikes
Electric bikes (e-bikes)

Bicycle brake components market: Regional Outlook

The European market for bicycles is growing due to government support programmers motivating bicycle practice in several European countries (Germany, Netherlands, Italy and others) and the inclination of consumers toward more viable living. Inclusively, the increased consumer interest in cycling also results in a greater demand for bicycle parts. The Netherlands and Germany are the leading European markets for bicycles. Currently, the Netherlands is the largest bicycle-producing country in Europe, followed by Germany and Italy. Bicycle industry of India has progressively shifted track in contemporary years, switching from standard segment to the specials bicycles comprised of additional bicycle brake components. These factors are estimated to Increase the demand for advanced bicycle brake components. China is one of the prominent manufacturers of e-bicycles and mountain bikes. Among the bulk of bicycles manufactured, a vast amount of bicycles are exported by the country. These factors work as breakthrough for bicycle brake components market. Middle East is estimated to have sluggish growth in bicycle brake components market over the forecast period.

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Bicycle brake components market: Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the bicycle brake components market are

DMS Corporation
Maxway Cycles Co., Ltd.
Shimano Inc
SRAM Corporation
Hayes Disc Brake
Ashima Ltd
Promax Components

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