Bee on Track Launches Web Development Division

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 22, 2017 — Bee on Track today announced that it has launched a web development services division that is going to offer in-house web developers, hosting and applications based projects. This service will enhance the company’s digital marketing services as well as its App Developments.

“Bee on Track makes companies more moneymaking through effective targeting Ads, Branding and marketing strategies,” said Samuel Wright, Marketing Manager of Bee On Track. “Websites play a vital role for revenue generation as it collects leads, handle transactions, providing customized services. We want to be the thought for every business about their self- promotion in this UAE market.”

Samuel Wright also said, “Our team understands the need of websites for every company, the sales funnel and tracking the conversions required for lead generation. Websites are the first interaction with the client. As we all know first impression is the last impression, so you can understand the importance of this websites.”

The Bee on Track Web Services division is focusing on 4 main segments –
WordPress Websites – Customization of existing themes and enhancing with new graphics on the new development.
CMS Development – Building on new themes on different CMS platforms like Majento, Squarespace etc.
Hosting – Provide hosting and other supports related to domain hosting.
Applications – App development and app marketing are the key services Bee On Track wants to provide.

Wright concluded by saying, “We want to take the marketing and branding for B2B segments to next level in the coming years.”

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