ASUS Announces Commitment to Help Provide More Than 20,000 People with Access to Safe Water through Donation to and the ASUS Wave Makers Holiday Giving Program

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FREMONT, Calif.–Today, ASUS announced The ASUS Wave Makers Holiday Giving Program, which will help provide more than 20,000 people access to safe water. The ASUS Wave Makers Holiday Giving Program was created as part of ASUS’ commitment to give back, while enabling ZenBook customers to participate in a program allowing them to make a difference, and enact change; to “make waves.” For every ZenBook sold, from November 1st through February 28th, 2018, ASUS will donate $6.25 to

“Access to safe water has the power to transform lives—providing families with hope, health, and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty,” said Melanie Mendrys,’s Director of Brand and Marketing “We are grateful to supporters like ASUS that enable us to reach more people in need with safe water and sanitation.”

844 million people, which equates to 1 out of every 9 people in the world, lack access to safe water. Every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease, and water, sanitation and hygiene disease kills 1 million people each year. Because of these mounting issues, ASUS decided to launch a charitable initiative in support of — to give back and to allow its ZenBook customers to give back, through the ASUS Wave Makers Holiday Giving Program.

Inspired by the diverse needs of consumers in all areas and phases of life, ASUS' foremost mission is to deliver truly innovative solutions that in turn inspire consumers to reach for greater heights of productivity and fun. The ASUS ZenBook product line embodies all of these qualities, and allows our customers to do something different and to effect change. And to further that message, ASUS is allowing customers to enact change on a global level, by donating to, with every purchase of a ZenBook.

“As part of our company culture, everyone at ASUS strives for technological and aesthetic perfection in everything they do. And this is reflected in our ZenBook line,” said Steve Chang, President of ASUS North America. “We also believe in the importance of making and supporting positive changes in the world; something that is built into our company philosophy. The ASUS Wave Makers Holiday Giving Program is an excellent example of what we refer to as our ‘ASUS DNA’ being executed and extended to our customers.”

ASUS has begun this season of giving with a donation to that will help reach 2,000 people in the developing world with the gift of safe water. Access to safe water can transform lives—even entire communities. For a limited time, every purchase of any one ASUS ZenBook helps provide 10 years of access to safe water to someone in need. ASUS will donate USD 6.25 to for every ZenBook sold in the United States and Canada between November 1, 2017, and February 28, 2018, up to a maximum of 36,160 units.


ASUS will donate $6.25 to for every ZenBook sold in the United States and Canada between November 1, 2017, and February 28, 2018, for up to a maximum of 36,160 units.

Consumers can view the full lineup of ASUS ZenBooks, as well as more information about the partnership with, by visiting: Consumers interested in learning more about, or simply giving directly, can visit


For more than 25 years, has been at the forefront of developing and delivering solutions to the global water crisis. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers market-driven financial solutions to ensure all people have access to safe water and sanitation — giving women hope, children health and communities a future. To date, has positively transformed the lives of more than nine million people around the world. Learn more at and

About ASUS

ASUS is one of Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, and is dedicated to creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Zenbo, ZenFone, ZenBook and a range of IT devices and components, along with AR, VR and IoT. ASUS employs more than 17,000 people worldwide and over 5,500 world-class R&D talents. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, the company won 4,385 awards and earned approximately US$13.3 billion of revenue in 2016.

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