ASC Forms New Partnership with SkySoft-ATM

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ASC and SkySoft-ATM jointly offer an intuitive easy-to-use solution so controllers can focus on the situation at hand without becoming distracted by supporting systems.

HÖSBACH, Germany

ASC, a worldwide leading software provider of communications recording, analytics and quality management, today announced the formation of a commercial and technical partnership with SkySoft-ATM, a Switzerland-based subsidiary of Skyguide, the market leader for CWP (controller working position) recording solutions. The companies will jointly offer an integrated solution for the synchronized recording and replay of voice, video and radar data.

Air traffic control centers must guarantee safe and reliable travel through advanced technologies designed to monitor flight activities on the ground and in the air. These technologies also record and archive all communications data for subsequent analysis. The new integrated system relies upon SkySoft-ATM’s expertise to record radar and corresponding information such as flight plans while ASC records all communications among control towers, pilots and ground staff.

Dr. Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer of ASC, said, “Synchronized recording and replay is essential for precise reconstruction of events and processes. Every employee working in an air traffic control center must know how to use technical aviation equipment for fast and seamless communications. ASC and SkySoft-ATM jointly offer an intuitive easy-to-use solution so controllers can focus on the situation at hand without becoming distracted by supporting systems.”

Marco Müller, Chief Operating Officer of ASC, added, “Together with SkySoft, we have developed an efficient recording solution to facilitate evidence preservation, post-incident analysis and subsequent training. Our new system with SkySoft has been tailored to meet the demanding needs of air traffic control towers and thus ensure passenger safety.”

SkySoft-ATM enables recording for thousands of high-resolution monitors and keyboards with flight safety data all over the world. ASC provides evidence-proof recording with a timestamp accurate to a hundredth of a second. Together, they provide a perfect solution for air traffic control.

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About ASC

ASC is a worldwide leading software provider of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics addressing all enterprises with recording needs, especially contact centers, financial institutions and public safety organizations. ASC records, analyzes and evaluates interactions across all media, either as an on-premise or Cloud solution. Headquartered in Germany and with subsidiaries in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France and Romania as well as a worldwide service network, ASC is a powerful global player in its industry.

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