Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics Market Research Report 2017 Analysis and Forecast to 2023

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New York, NY — 11/17/2017 — Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics Using Artificial Intelligence for Hospitals Market:

Executive Summary

The 2017 study has 75 pages, 28 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the artificial intelligence software increases diagnostic excellence, saving lives and lowering care delivery costs.

Automated cancer diagnostics are implemented with artificial intelligence. Systems are able to take a multi-disciplinary integrated approach to looking at imaging and scans. The analysis of patient records, looking for effectiveness of particular treatments is more work than a human can do, the quantity of data is too high, so the artificial intelligence is being used to do that. Systems are making a significant difference in saving lives.

Much of the hospital artificial intelligence market is centered on improving diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the visualization provided by radiology. The systems are able to track and analyze more data, more accurately than can the humans. Radiologists receive years of training. They are among the highest paid doctors, also among the first group of physicians utilizing artificial intelligence because of the complexity of the task to be done.

“Artificial intelligence expands into health care leveraging insight from radiological studies and diagnostics. Radiologists have a deluge of patient data that the artificial intelligence can manage in some ways. This contributes to earlier cancer diagnosis.”

Artificial Intelligence for Hospital Cancer Diagnostics Market Forecasts AI is set to become a sophisticated diagnostic aid, flagging images that humans should examine more closely, while leaving radiologists with more time for interacting with patients and medical staff. Hospital artificial intelligence market shipments at $1.7 billion in 2023 are forecast to reach $11.4 billion dollars, worldwide 2023.

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Companies Profiled

Market Leaders

General Electric

Market Participants

Alphabet / Google
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Quest Diagnostics
Safeguard Scientifics

Companies Mentioned

Drug discovery artificial intelligence

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Table of Content:

Abstract: Approaching Pancreatic Cancer with Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics Vastly Improves Outcomes 1
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cancer Diagnostics Executive Summary 8
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cancer Diagnostics Market Driving Forces 8
Artificial Intelligence Cancer Diagnostics Market Shares: 9
Artificial Intelligence Cancer Diagnosis Market Forecasts: 10

1.Artificial Intelligence Cancer Diagnostics Market Description and Market Dynamics: 12
1.1 Artificial Intelligence Very Big Breakthrough in Cancer Diagnostics 12
1.2 Ability of AI Solutions To Discover Schemas in Large Databases 13

2.Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cancer Diagnostics Market Driving Forces 15
2.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cancer Diagnostics Market Driving Forces 15
2.2 Artificial Intelligence Cancer Diagnostics Market Shares: 17
2.3 Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Diagnostics Market Forecasts: 18
2.4 Cancer Statistics 25
2.5 Hospital Artificial Intelligence (AI) Challenges 28
2.6 Hospital Artificial Intelligence Software Prices: 33
2.7 Hospital Artificial Intelligence Regional Segments: 34

3.Hospital Artificial Intelligence Products: 36
3.1 Partners HealthCare, IBM, and GE Healthcare 36
3.2 IBM Watson 38
3.2.1 IBM Genomic And Immunotherapy Supercomputing for Patient Management 41
3.2.2 Mayo Clinic and IBM Watson 42
3.3 Google's AI Subsidiary DeepMind is Partnering With Another UK hospital 44
3.4 Prognos 44

4.Hospital Artificial Intelligence Research and Technology: 45
4.1 Research at Google 45
4.2 IBM AI Research 46
4.2.1 Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings 47
4.3 Google and Nvidia Artificial Intelligence 48

5.Hospital Artificial Intelligence Companies 49
5.1 Alphabet / Google 49
5.1.1 Google Artificial Intelligence Subsidiary DeepMind Healthcare Initiative 49
5.2 General Electric (GE) 50
5.2.1 General Electric Revenue by Segment 50
5.2.2 GE Healthcare and Massachusetts General Artificial Intelligence 51
5.3 IBM 54
5.3.1 IBM Watson Genomics by Quest Diagnostics 55
5.3.2 IBM Watson Healthcare Revenue 57
5.3.3 IBM Watson Solutions Software Healthcare Revenue 57
5.4 Prognos 58
5.4.1 Coding Healthcare Datasets Full Of Unstructured Text 61
5.5 Quest Diagnostics 65
5.5.1 IBM Personalized Healthcare: Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics 66
5.5.2 Quest Diagnostics Revenue 67
5.6 Safeguard Scientifics Announces Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results 67
5.6.1 Safeguard Scientifics Prognos DxCloud 68


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