Arborek Implements Special Methods to Keep Its Waters Pollution Free

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Hillsboro, OR — 12/21/2017 — The sea waters of Indonesia have been facing an active pollution problem for quite some time. In 2015, a researcher from University of Georgia revealed that Indonesia disposes 3.2 million tonnes of plastic waste annually on its sea waters and is only second to donate harmful plastic wastes on the sea waters after China. The sea waters in and around the islands of Indonesia form a crucial part of the beauty of the region. However, the large amount of waste that is being regularly added to the waters of this region not only negatively impacts the scenic beauty of the region but also makes it difficult for the sea flora and fauna of this region to thrive properly. In such a situation, the people of Arborek Island in Raja Ampat have come up with effective ways to prevent pollution of their local waters and have attracted the attention of both tourists and environmental researchers.

The island and village of Arborek has always been known for its pristine beauty which attracts tourists all the year round. Therefore the local authority here in this island have taken special steps to make sure that waters of this region are completely protected against environmental pollution. The authorities have strictly prohibited the people of the region as well as tourists to throw garbage in the waters of the sea. People are also forbidden to jump on the waters from the dock or jetti. Men and women are not allowed to swim close to the speedboats. Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has adopted a policy according to which people of the island and Indonesia in general are bound to consume fish and marine life on a regular basis. It is this consumption of fishes that has acted as an additional impetus for the local people to protect the waters here from pollution.

The villagers in Arborek, Raja Ampat also understand that tourists really love to visit their island and so they make sure that the waters here are free from pollution as this can ensure positive health for the tourists. Fishes like Cakalang, Tude, Roa, Nike and Mujaer form a part of popular cuisine here and these fishes can only be preserved by keeping the sea waters clean.

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About Arborek Island
Arborek is an island in Indonesia that is known for its unique beauty. The people of the island have taken special measures to make sure that the sea waters in its locality stay free of pollution.

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