Anise Seed Extract Market Size to Grow Steadily During Forecast Period (2017-2025)

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New York, NY — 11/15/2017 — Anise is an herb belongs to the Apiaceae family which has members like parsley, cumin, and funnel. Anise seed extract is known for its herbal properties and strong fragrance. Anise seed extract has a taste similar to licorice extract. The whole anise plant is fragrant and has a very strong specific flavor which is utilized in culinary. Prime chemical component present in anise is anethole responsible for its fragrance and medicine properties.

Apart from the medicinal properties anise possess, it is used in the preparation of food and beverage products like bread, curries, desserts, delicious candies, soups, cakes, beverages, anisette liqueurs and others. The aromatic extract of anise is used in the production of soaps, creams, perfumes, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Wide application of anise seed extract especially in food industry is expected to drive market growth during the forecast period.

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Anise seed extract market segmentation

Anise seed extract market is segmented on the basis of form which includes powder and liquid. Anise seed extract is produced in the form of the finely ground powder which can be used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical products, cosmetic product, food and beverage products. Anise seed extract in the form of liquid is used to prepare syrups and beverages which are consumed to get rid of stomach ache, muscle relaxation, and indigestion.

Anise seed extract market is segmented on the basis of nature product which includes natural and organic. There is a rise in demand for the organic food due to the health concerns related to the use of pesticides in the traditionally grown anise. Consumers these days prefer using organic anise seed extract as it is comparatively safe for consumption.

Anise seed extract is segmented on the basis of the application which includes application in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, and food and beverage industry. In cosmetic industry anise seed extract is used in the preparation of soap, toothpaste, and skin cream. In food and beverage industry anise seed extract is used in the preparation of the fragrance and flavors for the food and beverages. In pharmaceutical industry anise seed extract is used for the preparation of syrups and oils which are used as the antifungal, antibacterial, analgesic, and anticonvulsants.

Anise seed extract market: Regional Outlook

Anise is indigenous to the Middle-East and the Mediterranean regions such as Greece, Egypt, turkey, and Crete. The cultivation of this herb first started in the Middle East then become popular in Egypt and was cultivated and used by ancient Egyptians. Presently it is cultivated and is used in various European countries. Today anise is cultivated all over the world such as Asia, Europe, North Africa, and Mexico.

Anise seed extract market: Drivers

Anise seed extract is used in the number of formulations of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage products. Anise seed extracts have no side effect as it is an herbal product and it contains B-complex vitamins, minerals like calcium, manganese, and zinc, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, and expectorant. Anise seed also contains strong fragrance and licorice-like sweet taste which makes it suitable flavor and fragrance additive for food and beverages. Thus all these factors is expected to drive market growth over the forecast period. Rising awareness of benefits related to anise seed extract coupled with increased industrial usage of anise is expected to drive market growth during the forecast period.

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Anise seed extract market: Key Players

Anise seed extract market key players are Herb Pharm, Spice Island, Aura Cacia essential oils, Frontier Natural Products Co-op, Advanced Biotech and Flavorganics LLC.

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