An Opportunity for the Students to go to the Universities in the United States with Tennis Scholarships

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November 18, 2017 – TStudy & Play USA is an Australian based agency, which has more than 14 years of experience in finding the best as well as best possible scholarship for each player. The Voyager Tennis Academy has joined with them and helps the students placing at the United States colleges with tennis scholarships.

Value of the Scholarship
Currently, there are more than 40 Voyager Tennis Graduates in the United States on U.S. Tennis Scholarships. The value of the scholarship can be worth up to $500,000.00 (AUD) over a 4 year period. This scholarship will cover the following:
• Tutoring and Academic support
• Racquets, Clothes and Travel around the USA
• Food and Accommodation off campus
• Massage and Physiotherapy
• Books and On campus housing

Eligibility Criteria
Most of the college coaches in the United States are looking at a number of factors during the tennis scholarship selection process. Students can achieve the U.S. tennis scholarships who meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Universal Tennis Rating
• National Rankings
• Strong Doubles results
• A well structured and appropriate video
• Proof of progression in results over a long period
• Recommendations from coaches and Study & Play USA

Selected candidates should have the attributes like, works with coaches, plays AR Events & UTR Events and shows upwards trajectory with rating and ranking.

The United States Colleges
The United States college scholarship is very attainable for the young tennis players who have solid academic results. In the United States, there are over 24 million students enrolled in the College and 800,000 of these are international students. Here, approximately 4,500 Colleges which has 948 tennis scholarships available for men and 1,144 tennis scholarships available for women. The application process could be time consuming for the students; the Voyager Tennis Academy and Study & Play USA can help the students to guide through this process.

In addition to that, the college tennis program can be a fantastic pathway for the students who are looking to pursue careers on ATP / WTA tour.

Get Started
The Voyager Tennis Academy and Study & Play USA have joined together to help in placing the young Australian players at the US Colleges with tennis scholarships. Study & Play USA have 14+ years of experience and have 100% track of record in placing students at US Colleges. The Voyager Tennis Academy has over 40 players currently in USA on college scholarships, which is a great pathway to all players. For detailed information about the United States University Tennis, visit


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