Ampere Motor USA Launches Most Affordable Electric Sports Car and First Electric Convertible

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Ampere Motor USA launches the Ampere 1, the most affordable electric sports car and the first electric convertible available for sale. The Ampere 1 fills the current gap in the market for an electric car that combines affordability, stylish design, and a fun driving experience.

Los Angeles, CA, December 21, 2017 — Ampere Motor USA has created the Ampere 1, the first electric sports car available for sale for under $10,000. Noticing that electric cars on the market were either luxurious but expensive or affordable but lacking style and a fun driving experience, Ampere strives to make an all electric car that is stylish, fun to drive, and as affordable as possible for as many people as possible. Ampere launched the Ampere 1 at the LA Auto Show on December 1-10, 2017. They will also be at CES in Las Vegas January 9-12, 2018.

“We created the Ampere 1 to be simple, lightweight, and practical to make it an electric car that is as affordable as possible, only $9900,” said Tony Chan, Ampere Motor USA’s CEO. “At the same time, it’s also stylish/exotic-looking and really fun to drive. Our team has been driving race cars for over 20 years, so we use a lot of race car technology in this car. It’s built with a very strong and lightweight race car derived tubular chassis and a double wishbone suspension similar to that of $100000 sports cars.”

The Ampere 1 is the first all electric convertible available for sale. It is a three wheeler with an open top; an optional removable hardtop can be added for $1500. It can go up to 100 miles per (approximate) 3 hour charge and can be conveniently charged using any regular outlet. The $13000 model with bigger battery can go up to 150 miles per charge.

The Ampere 1 can currently be pre-ordered on Test drive events are planned for March 2018 in Orange County, California.

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