American Scientist and Number Theorist Todd Gooch Claims He Has Solved for & Demonstrated, an f(x) Formula for a Series of the Prime Numbers for the First Time in History

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American scientist and number theorist Todd Gooch claims he has solved for, and publicly demonstrated the first formula of any kind related to the prime numbers in history. He has self-published “The Gooch f(x) Formula For A Series Of The Prime Numbers” on Amazon, chronicling the discovery.

Los Angeles, CA, November 11, 2017 — Todd Gooch, scientist and number theorist, says he has given the first working formula for a series of the prime numbers. “The Gooch f(x) Formula For A Series Of The Prime Numbers” may be shown in the following calculation. Given f(x-1)=14281,f(x-2)=421.

f(x)=485113 Prime

The calculation may then be repeated indefinitely giving prime numbers 100% of the time. The next one begins… Given f(x-1)=485113,f(x-2)=14281.

Todd Gooch says the research shows quite conclusively a formula for a series of the prime numbers that definitely works for the first time in 2500 years. Further, prime numbers in this series are shown directly related to the square root of two in a protocol developed prior to the actual formula. The work was self published after continuing to pass peer reviews but not being published by the journals. When the work was withdrawn instead of being accepted or rejected, self publication to mark the copyright date of something this important seemed the only logical course of action. The journals silently pushed towards self-publication, the hint was taken. The next one is always a prime number, all it takes is a calculator to see it works, anyone can peer review it.

Todd Gooch reported, “It's an honor to see it in a person's lifetime much less be the one who did it. The last time anyone really added to the field was twenty-five hundred years ago when they were discovered. We now have an f(x) formula for a series of the prime numbers for the first time in the history of mankind and the numbers are shown related to the square root of two.” He went on to say, “Two formulas were shown to converge on only prime numbers. These numbers were shown calculatable by a step by step protocol that included conversion from one formula to the other by multiplication by the square root of two. Then, an f(x) formula was derived that works 100% of the time with 0% standard deviation.”

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