Alabama Businessman Announces Senatorial Campaign

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AUBURN, ALABAMA – 11-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Abstract: Mac Watson offers a third option for dissatisfied voters in Alabama Senate Special Election.

Over 3 million people are registered to vote in Alabama yet under 400,000 people voted for Democratic and Republican front runners for the open Senate seat. Over 2.9 million registered voters simply did not cast a vote for either Democrat or Republican parties which will face each other to represent Alabama in the United States Senate. Mac Watson, Alabama businessman standing on common sense beliefs, believes a third option for voters will reinvigorate the uninterested almost three million voters in Alabama.

“Alabama needs new blood in politics. Simply going to the polls to ‘vote against the other guy’ is not what our great country was founded on, it is not how our forefathers wanted the power of voting to be used. We don’t need leaders in government, we need people that listen to the people that pay their salaries – citizens. Let’s do something in Alabama in December. I’m still trying to put on paper what I have been thinking for years about doing something like this and where I stand on individual issues, but share my info, feel free to ask me anything anytime, and consider writing me in on your ballot in December.” Mac Watson said about his reasons for seeking election to the United States Senate in December 2017.

Politicians seek election and view their positions as guaranteed income, disregarding their constituent’s opinions and concerns until re-election. Mac Watson stands firm with beliefs such as the role of politicians to their state and the federal government, a strong economy is the cornerstone to a strong community, and a simplified tax plan. Mac Watson also feels that security should be tightened at our southern border, improving medical care by focusing on a free market system versus government mandated options, and he believes our country needs to explore new, sustainable, energy through investment and development.

December 12th, 2017 voters dissatisfied with both Republican and Democratic parties will have the opportunity to write in a third-party option – Mac Watson, Alabama born, raised, and ready to lead in the United States Senate.


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Company Name: Mac Watson for Senate
Full Name: Mac Watson
Phone: 334-332-2630
Email Address: Send Email

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