AGORA images Launches Their Annual Photography Competition with a $2000 Prize

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BARCELONA, Spain, December 5, 2017

AGORA images, a revolutionary social network and marketplace, without intermediaries or commissions, enabling anyone with a smartphone or digital camera to sell their photos, is launching the second edition of their photography competition, AGORA AWARDS 2017. Participation is open to all AGORA images App users, which includes both professional and amateur photographers. The winning photo will receive a prize of 2000 dollars. Both the App and competition entry are free of charge.

AGORA images launches their annual photography competition with a $2000 prize (PRNewsfoto/AGORA images)

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The best photo of the year, will be chosen by an international jury of professional photographers, including Anand Sharan, artistic photographer and professor from Bangalore (India); Osmany Torres, photographer and designer from Florida (United States); and Gonzalo Höhr, documentary photographer and professor from Andalucía (Spain). The choice will be made from a total of 10 finalists, selected from 50 pre-finalists, who will have fulfilled the criteria of artistic and technical quality, composition, originality, message-history and visual impact.

The competition, with an open theme, is open to all users of AGORA images. Simply download the free App, available for IOS and Android, and upload your best photos. The competition is open until at 23:59h on 31st December 2017. The names of the first 50 pre-finalists will be announced on 9th January via the platform's social media sites, and the 10 finalists on 17th January. The competition winner will be announced on 19th January.

AGORA images: win money with your best photos 

For the very first time, AGORA images has made it possible for absolutely anyone to earn money selling their photographs, without having to relinquish rights of property or use to an intermediary, as was the case with traditional image stocks, who would also retain a commission of between 50-80% from the price of sales. At AGORA images, there are no commissions and no intermediaries, and the author receives 100% of the photo price. Likewise, for image purchasers, the new AGORA images platform, enables high-quality photos to be purchased at a much more accessible price than from traditional stocks, and with a license enabling any use of the image, including commercial purposes. Payment transactions are direct and secure between buyer and seller via the Stripe payment system.

As the CEO and founding partner of AGORA images, Octavi Royo explains, “This revolutionary way of understanding the image market enables access to an authentic, local stock at an accessible price.


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