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MONTEREY, Calif., December 18, 2017 – Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls, “The 7 Sepp-Books Collection” – seven books by helmut schonwalder published by 1999hs2000.com Inc., are now available on Amazon.

The 7 Sepp books are without a superhero noted for courageous acts and nobility of character. Instead, we have Sepp, an ordinary kid growing up in the past WW II years. He is bright and stupid at the same time. Sepp has no special superpowers, aside from his “Guardian Angel.”

All Sepp books chronicle more than “growing up,” “waiting on tables,” “preparing food,” “mixing cocktails,” training and managing and being of service to hotel and restaurant guests alike.

Sepp gets to deal with issues and non-issues, about war and refugees, religion, loneliness, money, apartheid, sex and so many other common issues like boating, swinging and a multitude of addictions. Finally, he gets a tour into spiritual awakenings, followed by the discovery that a certain wealthy world citizen, the one who had been steering from afar Sepp’s course through life’s rapids, was his biological father.


Book1) The Sepp story opens with a history of war crimes and the rape by a “schmaltzy” Russian soldier named Walter. The reader watches Sepp’s adventure of growing up in the American Zone, in a 1950-60 Frankenland. All he wants is to leave “home” and see the world. He dreams of getting to see the “Wild West!”

Book2) Sepp lives in the attic of a 1,000-year-old restaurant. He is getting more than a professional education in the restaurant and hotel trade during the 1960s. Here Sepp is coming of age. He witnesses how money plays a big role. The ones who have ample cash enjoy understating, while those who don’t have it, overstate by acting like being rich.

Book3) Sepp learns much about hamburgers, before doing his military training. Getting fired, his world seemingly comes to an end, a new job in Andalusia saves the day. It is only temporary, immigration to South Africa looks like a permanent move. After one year in one of the world’s finest hotels, we accompany Sepp on his travels through the country.

Book4) Sepp gains much knowledge about apartheid while working at the Indian Ocean’s shore, including learning about the “pencil test.” The political situation in the country offers Sepp a fortuitous opportunity to emigrate from Africa to the United States.

Book5) Starting out in Kansas City, a combination of circumstances hands Sepp an unexpected sudden flow of income, smuggling money out of South Africa. He settles in the land of his childhood dreams, among the Redwoods along the Pacific Ocean of California.

Book6) After Sepp falls and gets up again, the reader accompanies Sepp on a memorable boat delivery to Puerto Vallarta and Sepp returning broke and sick to California Norte.

Book7) Here Sepp finds himself. After much trial and error, he learned that change changes everything. Soon simple happiness replaces the hunt for purchased satisfaction during past work and travels on several continents.

The 7 Sepp books add up to a saga well-titled as “Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls” of an “International Restaurant & Hotel Professional” is about the journey from the Sudeten Mountains to the West German American Zone, and far beyond.

The Sepp books are available for sale in paperback format at Amazon.com, each for $13 or wireless download at $3 for your Kindle.

Sepp books are published by 1999hs2000.com Inc., a Delaware Corporation dba helmut’s RTW

Sepp’s Epic Perils & Pitfalls


helmut schonwalder – P.O.Box 1390 – Monterey, CA 93942 – USA – 831-3757737

Source: 1999hs2000.com

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