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Carlton, Victoria — 12/18/2017 — Kotan Acupuncture Clinic – a Japanese Meridian Therapy Centre, located at 51 Elgin Street, Carlton, close to Melbourne CBD, brings to its general populace and the environs, especially health and wellness seekers, the best of the artful style of Japanese Acupuncture – a holistic way of healing the body. With over 15 years' experience, Kotan Acupuncture Clinic aims at helping clients harness their inherent power through the Japanese style Acupuncture and Moxibustion, (unlike other acupuncture styles), to effect practical healing of the body, which is integrated parts – body, soul (mind) and spirit.

The Japanese method of acupuncture is a delicate, effective and practical way of getting the body healed of whatever imbalances exist in the system, including Neurological problems like headaches, migraines and sleeping disorders; Cardiovascular: High or Low Blood Pressure, fluid retention, chest pain, angina pectoris, and poor circulation; Respiratory: Asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds, flu's and hay fever. Kotan Acupuncture Clinic also handles all digestive system issues like ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, hiatus hernia, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, hemorrhoids and weight control, and much more. Please visit www.kotan.com.au/ for detailed information on the acupuncture medicine services our Clinic offers.

The Clinic utilizes a combination of fine needles and Moxibustion to heal and balance the body. Japanese Acupuncture has been described as a holistic technique of providing medical care, which has its well-designed foundations in the Taoism tradition.

Japanese acupuncture, which is Kotan Clinic's method of providing medical care, is an art and suits the special needs of people preferring to be treated with greater care and respect. Others who are both sensitive to both their physical and emotional needs, are well-matched for this style of acupuncture. Sufferers of chronic health problems and who are usually weak would find the Clinic's style very suitable for their special needs. As an integrated acupuncturist health care providers, people who desire to reconnect with their spiritual selves while regaining their physical body balance would find Kotan Japanese Acupuncture Clinic the place to be. Also, our Japanese acupuncture style would greatly benefit those needing healing in a calm and relaxed environment, which the Clinic generates.

Satisfied and excited former patients of Kotan Acupuncture Clinic have testified to the excellent services they received from there.

Sue, who visited the Clinic in October 2017, said the following about the services she received from Kotan Acupuncture Clinic: “Caleb is a gentle soul who immediately put me at ease. The treatment was excellent and I was introduced to Moxibustion! The only downside for me was having to travel but sometimes you just have to do it!”

Stephen, who had earlier visited the Clinic in July 2017, had this to say about his experience at Kotan Acupuncture Clinic: “Excellent service from start to finish. Caleb explained everything to me during a session and the relaxed atmosphere in which the acupuncture is carried out is magnificent.”

About Kotan Acupuncture Clinic
Kotan Japanese Acupuncture Clinic, located at 51, Elgin Street, Carlton, close to Melbourne CBD, is a special place for Japanese style of acupuncture – a holistic method of healing the body.

Kotan Acupuncture Clinic
51, Elgin Street, Carlton Carlton 3053
[email protected]
Phone: 03 9349 3494

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Brad Bennett

Brad Bennett

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