8th International Conference on Environmental Chemistry and Engineering

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December 15, 2017 – Accentuating novel researches and frontline advances of environmental chemistry- environmental chemistry 2018
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environmental chemistry 2018 is the study of chemical processes occurring in the environment which are impacted by humankind's activities. these impacts may be felt on a local scale, through the presence of urban air pollutants or toxic substances arising from a chemical waste site, or on a global scale, through depletion of stratospheric ozone or global warming. The focus in our courses and research activities is upon developing a fundamental understanding of the nature of these chemical processes, so that humankind's activities can be accurately evaluated.

the field of environmental chemistry is both very broad and highly interdisciplinary. within the department of chemistry we have a core group of faculty whose research interests are in atmospheric and aquatic chemistry, photochemistry, and the chemistry and transport of long-lived pollutants. we interact with other chemists in the department, with numerous other researchers at the university who have related interests, and with nearby government agencies. indeed, the setting for the study of environmental chemistry is ideal.

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Conference highlights
• environmental disasters
• environmental biotechnology and molecular biology
• environmental ecosystem
• environmental technologies and sustainability metrics
• earth and geochemistry
• biogeochemical cycle
• human population growth and environment
• environmental education
• environmental chemistry and engineering
• environmental biotechnology
• pollution control chemistry and green chemistry
• environmental toxicology and mutagenicity
• energy and environment
• applications of environmental chemistry
• environmental design
• environmental hazards
• chemical and polymer engineering
• environmental management and policy
• environmental biology
• environmental science
• renewable energy sources and storages
• environmental climatic factors

environmental chemistry explores your research at prestigious conference for more details and submits your abstract: http://environmentalchemistry.conferenceseries.com/abstract-submission.php

privileges for speakers/delegates:
• you can attend scientific and technical sessions
• complete conference kit
• certificate accreditation by the international organizing committee
• abstracts will be published in conference souvenirs & related international journals
• abstracts will be provided with doi by cross reference
• pre-conference and post-conference networking
• networking and collaborating with peer researchers and industrial personals
• b2b meetings/scientific networking for research collaborations

environmental chemistry 2018 offers a variety of marketing and sponsorship opportunities for the interested in advertising /sponsoring / exhibiting organizations if you are interested kindly follow the link: http://environmentalchemistry.conferenceseries.com/exhibition.php

Contact Info:
John Dixon
Program Manager | Environmental Chemistry 2018
E: environmentalchemistry ( @ ) chemistryconference dot org


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