5 Smart Health Checks to Energize Your Company in 2018

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 20, 2017 — January is just around the corner. That's when most people set goals to improve their health and fitness. Business and marketing expert Claudia Newcorn says it's also a critical time for small businesses to conduct a wellness check and make necessary changes for a more successful 2018.

Newcorn observes that many small businesses run the same way year after year, making changes only because they have to – what she refers to as “reacting to the market.” Savvy entrepreneurs and business owners know they need to be proactive and use smart marketing strategies to maintain their competitive edge.

One way to do that, she says, is to strip down to their business skivvies to carefully evaluate whether they are in excellent, good or poor health when it comes to the latest business wellness trends including the “lean canvas” simplified business model. 

For example, Newcorn suggests CEOs consider:

CREDENTIALS:  Claudia Newcorn, MBA, is an award-winning strategic marketing consultant and author of the Amazon best-selling and award-winning book, Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits. With decades of corporate experience with industry leaders such as Gillette and E&J Gallo, she has worked with hundreds of clients, from entrepreneurs to mid-sized firms and large corporations. Newcorn hosted her own TV show, Central Valley Business Workshop, and has been featured on “The Secrets of Success” (WHPC FM 90.3), “The World of Work” (WDVR FM 89.7), and other radio stations.

AVAILABILITY:  California, nationwide by arrangement, and via telephone; may be available last-minute

CONTACT:  Claudia Newcorn, (209) 204-0502 (CA); [email protected]; www.ZiplineToSuccess.com

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