130 Year Old Mississippi Outfitter LOEB’S Clothing Store Launches New E-commerce Website, Expanding to Bricks and Clicks

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LOEB'S clothing store has outfitted practically everyone in the deep south since 1887. The venerable specialty retailer based in Meridian, Mississippi announced today that it just launched a brand new E-commerce website that features many of its popular products.

The store is inviting online shoppers to join its famous cult following on social media to find a special promotional code for 20% off one item on the website. The website launch promotion will last for a limited time and will only apply to website orders. With well over 11,000 followers on Facebook alone, LOEB'S is prepared to give 20% off one item per customer on its new website into the new year.

This new website still lives on loebsclothing.com just like it has since the year 2004. However, this new website features inventory control technology and more user friendly features unlike its predecessors. Shoppers will be able to experience the physical brick and mortar store in website form like never before.

Will Loeb, Digital Director at LOEB'S said, “This is only the beginning of our new push to marry our brick and mortar store with our mouse click store. We believe that online shopping is the future, but we realize it will never replace human interaction.”

About LOEB'S

LOEB'S is an American department store based in Meridian, Mississippi. It operates an online specialty store. Loeb's was founded in 1887 by Alex Loeb as Alex Loeb, Inc. Today, Loeb's legal name is “Loeb's, Inc.” Loeb's is located on Front Street, Meridian, Mississippi.

Visit LOEB'S online at https://www.loebsclothing.com, or visit LOEB'S in person at 2209 Front Street in downtown Meridian, Mississippi.

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