Drinkers to Get Free or Discounted Rides from Alcohol Providers

There is a new law in force in California from January 1, 2018. This new rule is brought out to reduce the impaired drivers on Californian roads. The licensed alcohol outlets and manufacturers will now be offering free or discounted rides for its drinkers.

The new Assembly Bill 711 gives the licensed alcohol sellers the authorization to offer a free or discounted ride-sharing services, cab services or taxi services to their customers. The current rule that prevents the alcohol sellers from offering free goods and gifts for their customers is relaxed. But, the free rides and other incentives must not be offered to clients to lure them to buy an alcoholic beverage.

Assemblyman Evan Low representing the Silicon Valley introduced this Bill. It was passed unanimously on September 11. The law allows the licensed alcohol sellers, distributors, manufacturers, etc., to offer free ground transportation to their guests to go home safely. This law came into effect keeping in mind the safety of the public on the roads.

With this new AB711 bill, California will join 44 other states where this type of drunk driving prevention law becomes legal. There were some who opposed the Bill says that the law will encourage people to drink more.

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Marcus Clinker

Marcus Clinker

Marcus is a reporter on the Political Capital team focusing on money in politics. Before joining Daily Telescope, he worked as a researcher and writer for the Institute for Northern Studies at Ohio State University and as a freelance journalist in Portalnd, having been published by over 20 outlets including NPR, the Center for Media and Democracy,The Huffington Post, Salon, Truthout and VICE.com.
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