VIQ Appoints Analytics Industry Veteran to Lead Its Artificial Intelligence product, aiAssist(TM)

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TORONTO, Dec. 07, 2017 — VIQ Solutions Inc. (“VIQ” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:VQS), a global expert providing a cybersecurity protected technology and service platform for digital evidence capture and content management, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike May, an experienced technology leader in analytics, to lead the technology development of aiAssistTM.
“Mike will lead the team of scientists and technologists responsible for the innovative design, architecture, development and product management of VIQ’s new aiAssistTM which builds on VIQ’s proprietary patent protected cybersecurity platform,” said Sebastien Pare, VIQ President and Chief Executive Officer.“This important strategic initiative will allow existing and new VIQ customers to unlock value from their petabytes of securely stored content, providing new actionable insights and bringing them significant operational efficiencies in speed, accuracy and cost in mining their content,” Mr. Pare said.The highly sensitive and ultra-secure nature of customer content makes the application of AI particularly distinct compared to generic AI tools and this is where VIQ’s aiAssistTM comes in. Monetization of AI services for VIQ is through partnerships with existing public safety, military, judicial and medical customers. VIQ’s sole focus is addressing tangible real world challenges customers face daily in decision support, quality assurance, digitization and security.Under Mike May’s leadership, aiAssistTM will enable our customers to deploy new services such as reliable AI-based transcripts by attacking multi-speakers’ audio quality at source using AI-based filters and pre-processors built into VIQ’s capture technology. And also enable AI-based semantic searches to find content faster and make connections between significant content and case volume. aiAssistTM will enable customers to apply a range of intelligent tagging techniques against content and subjects by facial and other object identification methods originating from hundreds of audio, video and sensor data points via VIQ’s proprietary patent protected cybersecurity platform.   “Mike has outstanding expertise in developing Artificial Intelligence platforms and services. He has an impeccable history of delivering breakthrough technologies and products.  He was one of the first to build a geospatial and vehicle telemetry AI platform that helped to transform the transportation industry. We are proud to have Mike join the VIQ team” said Mr. Pare.“I am excited and highly motivated to join VIQ at this critically important time in developing its suite of aiAssistTM products, said Mike May. I am looking forward to the challenge of addressing real world challenges with a superior solution that will appeal to our customers and partners.”Prior to joining VIQ, Mike was CIO of Progressive Waste and has held several senior leadership technology roles where his teams engineered advanced products in a variety of industries including high tech, pharma, retail, and specialty and manufacturing. Mike has a passion for AI, machine learning and applied analytics.About VIQ

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