US Sports Camps Release Dates of Northeast Football Clinic At Brooks School in Massachusetts

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They know that the training they receive here at NEFC is unmatched, and provides them with invaluable skills they can take with them back to their teams in the Fall.

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. February 15, 2018

Located on the shores of Lake Cochichewick, the Brooks School offers incredible training grounds for athletes. The clinics offer elite technical training by professional and collegiate coaches and talent from across the Northeast region. Each program is customized for individualized training based on the players’ field position. For example, the lineman/linebacker program offers special training groups for inside linebacker, center, outside linebacker, nose guard, defensive tackle, and offensive and defensive guard. The quarterback/receiver clinic offers individualized training for QB, receiver, tight end, and running back. Both on-field and classroom sessions are held, including strategic chalk talks and recruiting seminars.

US Sports Camps is proud to offer these clinics to young football players each year. These receive instruction on how to improve their skills and technique from the highest regarded coaches. The training they receive at camp directly translates to their game at the club and high school level. “Many of these players are return campers who have goals of playing in college and beyond,� states Jan O’Connor, EVP at US Sports Camps. “They know that the training they receive here at NEFC is unmatched, and provides them with invaluable skills they can take with them back to their teams in the Fall.�

Northeast Football Clinics operate the same week in July each year. In 2018, those dates are July 6-8 and are available for boys ages 11-18. Facilities can host a total of 300 players, so families are encouraged to register early. Additional clinic details and online registration can be found at or by calling 1-800-645-3226.

About US Sports Camps

US Sports Camps (USSC), headquartered in San Rafael, California, is America’s largest sports camp network and the licensed operator of Nike Sports Camps. Over 90,000 kids attended a US Sports Camp program in 2017. The company has offered summer camps since 1975 with the same mission that defines it today: to shape a lifelong enjoyment of athletics through high quality sports education and skill enhancement.

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