TitleTap Unveils New Title Insurance Agent And Attorney “Website For Life” Customer Loyalty Program

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TAMPA, FL – 10-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) — TitleTap, the leading provider of real estate law and title insurance agent website marketing tools, announced Monday, October 16th, 2017, the launch of their new customer loyalty program called “Website For Life”  that gives long-time customers a website re-design free of setup fees.   

“We live in an era where technology changes incredibly fast.  Equally, the way consumers digest information and how they want to be communicated with constantly changes.  We are very excited about launching “Website For Life.”  Our goal with this loyalty program is to help our customers maintain a website presence that is fresh and current with the latest trends without the worries of starting from scratch or spending a ton of money on a re-design,” said TitleTap Co-Founder and CEO, Dean Collura.

TitleTap customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their TitleTap website once every three years with the latest design templates TitleTap has available with no extra setup fees and a streamlined migration process.   

To find out more information about TitleTap and receive all the details on their new loyalty program, “Website For Life,” visit their website at www.TitleTap.com.

About TitleTap: TitleTap was founded in 2013 by a former Title Agent manager, industry consultant, and active Realtor who helped grow a title company from 1 to 16 offices. TitleTap provides subscription based turn-key marketing solutions and websites for title agents and law firms across the country.

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Company Name: TitleTap
Full Name: Dean Collura
Phone: 877.303.3183 Ext. 11
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.titletap.com

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