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    CARMEL, CA, December 08, 2017 —

A Tale of Two Cities
The literary equivalent to the current Open Enrollment cycle for health insurance.
If you're eligible for a tax credit, things are probably okay.
If not…
It can be dumbfounding.

We're seeing Bronze premiums of $2K for a couple.
That's almost $25K per year.

They may make $70K and be just outside the tax credit cap.
That means over a third is expected for health insurance premium.
For a Bronze $6300 deductible plan!

Clearly, it's not even a consideration for many people.

Enter health sharing.

We're seeing roughly 30% of non-subsidized renewals go with Alieracare health sharing.
That's unprecidented!

Not quite bitcoin but growing significantly each year.
We definitely understand the appeal.

The Alieracare premium can be 1/3rd of the Bronze plan (without tax credit).

We think Alieracare is poised to run away with the health share segment for many reasons.
But keep in mind.

Health sharing is NOT health insurance.

So what is it?
How is it different from health insurance?

You can find out here:
Health insurance versus health sharing comparison

In depth. Simple terms. Important differences.
We're happy to help with any questions at 800-320-6269 or by email.
Health sharing is new to most people.
Probably not for long at this rate.

More information here. is provided by Goodacre Insurance Services. Alieracare Health Sharing plans are NOT health insurance. Goodacre Insurance Services is a licensed California health agent with 20+ years experience in all segments of the California health market. Goodacre Insurance Services has helped 10's of 1000's of Californian individuals, companies, and seniors find affordable health coverage. Their services are free to the customer and they welcome questions or inquiries.

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