The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) & China National Gene-Bank (CNGB) Sign Affiliate Agreement

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VANCOUVER, B.C. May 16, 2018

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) is excited to announce the signature of an Affiliate Agreement with the China National Gene-Bank (CNGB).

“The field of biobanking is expanding globally as it provides the foundation upon which vital medical, environmental, and pharmaceutical research takes place. Research in the era of precision molecular technologies is based on the analysis of samples with associated data – and, because the associations are often weak, we need samples and data of high quality and in large quantities, hence the increasing need of biobanking supporting such initiatives. The release of the ISBER Best Practices 4th Edition will introduce further standardization of the field and boost professionalism,” said Dr. Zisis Kozlakidis, President of ISBER. “We are delighted that ISBER is collaborating with a strong leader in biobanking in China. Working together, CNGB and ISBER will provide guidance and support to biobanks nationally and internationally. This agreement highlights the opportunity for us to share knowledge and consensus around biobanking practices.”

With the goal of maximizing partnership opportunities, this agreement will serve to increase collaboration, cross-promotion, and communication between the leadership of ISBER and CNGB. The two biobanking organizations will jointly undertake initiatives such as the development of freely available English and Mandarin educational workshops on environmental biobanking.

“This mutually beneficial agreement is a key milestone in the development to meet China’s increasing need for better biological resource and data management.” said Dr. Xun Xu, CEO of BGI Group and Executive Director of CNGB. “As a strong leader in biobanking in China, CNGB will promote bilateral dialogue with ISBER to enhance exchanges on best practices and policy trends as well as push the frontier of scientific research and innovative technologies in biobanking. Both sides will facilitate mutual visits, boost multi-party collaboration, and create more educational and training opportunities. We believe the partnership between CNGB and ISBER will form a solid foundation to increase the connection of CNGB to the global biobanking community and expand ISBER’s network in China.”

ISBER and CNGB look forward to exploring the possibility of a joint ISBER/CNGB environmental-focused regional meeting in the future.

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About ISBER:

ISBER is the only global forum that addresses harmonization of scientific, technical, legal, and ethical issues relevant to repositories of biological and environmental specimens. The mission of ISBER as a global organization is to create opportunities for sharing ideas and innovations in biobanking and harmonizes approaches to evolving challenges for biological and environmental repositories. ISBER fosters collaboration, creates education and training opportunities, provides an international showcase for state-of-the-art policies, processes, and research findings, and innovative technologies, products, and services. Together, these activities promote best practices that cut across the broad range of repositories that ISBER serves.

About CNGB:

The China National Gene-Bank (CNGB) was established in January 2011 with a vision to act as a platform for integrating resources and capabilities to support the development of the life sciences and bio-economy in China, and to lead the innovation, exploration, and testing of new genomics technologies. Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People’s Republic of China and run by BGI-Research, CNGB’s mission is to collect, preserve, and utilize genomic resources and to build a network fostering global communication and collaboration on biodiversity conservation and genetic resource utilization.

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