The International Association of Who’s Who Names Ilene Birkwood as Professional of the Year

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Ilene Birkwood of Issaquah, Washington is recognized by the International Association of Who’s Who for exemplary achievements in the field of Publishing.

Issaquah, WA, February 15, 2018 — Ilene Birkwood is an Author of fiction and non-fiction books and the Director at Ascendant Publishing. Her work is often set in locations inspired by the beautiful places she has called home throughout her life, including England, New Zealand, Bermuda, and California. Prior to the start of her writing career in 1990, Ms. Birkwood held executive and managerial positions in Silicon Valley. The determination and innovative thinking that brought her success then is now what fuels her engaging writing and prolific output.

Ms. Birkwood grew up in England, lived in Bermuda and New Zealand, and then moved to Northern California with her husband during the Silicon Valley boom. She was one of the first female managers at Hewlett Packard, served as the Director of Software Engineering in HP Laboratories, and eventually became Vice President at Tandem Computers. After both enjoying successful careers, Ms. Birkwood and her husband moved back to New Zealand and she began writing.

Ms. Birkwood’s publications include a World War II memoir, The Second Torpedo (2012), about her personal experience of the war as a child, and several mystery novels: Deadly Deception (2004), What to Do About Emma (2014), and Hidden Depths (2016). Her most recent book, Hidden Depths is about a couple, Kelly and Steve, who quit the Silicon Valley rat race and move to New Zealand to enjoy life in a small beachside community. When Steve disappears without a trace and authorities cannot find him, Kelly begins to wonder if a theory that Steve had shared about a murderer living on their bay could have been true after all. Following the steps he would have taken to prove it, hitting a dead end and coming up with a new theory of her own, Kelly finds herself in a more dangerous and unexpected situation than she or Steve could ever have imagined.

Ms. Birkwood now lives in the Pacific Northwest, a perfect spot for writing, close to lakes, mountains, the beach, and downtown Seattle. She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, and International Society of Writers. The National Association of Professional Women recently honored Ms. Birkwood as a VIP Woman of the Year for her achievements.

In her free time, Ms. Birkwood enjoys reading, exercise, theatre, music, and history, especially about World War II and the Druids.

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