Telco Techs and Truck Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL – 10-17-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Mercury Z, a leading national network engineering and field support firm, announced today that the firm and its employees are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October in several unique ways.

For the month of October, Mercury Z is authorizing all technicians in the field nationwide to wear company provided pink t-shirts, pink protective sleeves and pink hardhats. The company is matching all employee contributions to Susan G. Komen for the month of October. The company announced one of its techs painted his bucket truck pink as an unique way to increase Breast Cancer Awareness. (See picture attached.)(Video footage also available at for media use at:

The initiative got started when Antarr Irwin, who works as a Mercury Z Field Supervisor, asked if he could paint his truck pink and use it in the field. Antarr’s commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness was taken to a new level by permanently painting his bucket truck pink, inspiring others at the company to get behind this initiative as well. Antarr said since he has painted the truck, “It brings a smile and an extra connection to the people.” that he and his team are helping with their internet, video and telephony services. Antarr also said, “I love my Pink Truck and love supporting Breast Cancer Awareness” while giving a huge thumbs up!

Mercury Z has also recently provided techs to aid in disaster recovery by helping to restore internet, video and telephony services due to hurricane damage in the Tampa Bay area as a result of Hurricane Irma and throughout Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey.

Edward M. Kopko, CEO of Mercury Z, also stated, “We are proud of our techs and the support they are showing for Breast Cancer Awareness. We are also appreciative that our clients fully supported our initiative and hope the many people who see our techs will also give them a HUGE THUMBS UP.”

About Mercury Z:

As experts in networks, Mercury Z provides customized solutions to improve your organization’s performance, with network engineering, security, data center, wireless, cloud and field services. Mercury Z’s team of experts have the industry-specific experience to support communications carriers, and small-to-large businesses. The image and video accompanying this release may only be used within the context of this news release. Request permission from issuer for other uses.

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