Statement From Charles Segars, Safety And Security Expert, OPSEC Alliance:

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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2018 — “The tragedy we see playing out in Parkland, Florida is one that is all too frequent. While law enforcement, security pundits and politicians will begin to endlessly dissect and debate the possible factors that may have contributed to this tragedy, it is important that we focus on what truly matters: the preventative safety and security of our nation's most valuable assets…our children. Between 2001 and 2016, 77% of active shooter events occurred in businesses or school environments, with the highest casualty incidents occurring in our schools. We must use these recent events and today's tragedy to become aware of our children's school environment. We are not dropping or busing them to a “safe place,” but to a place that too many times now is a ground zero target for the disenfranchised and/or mentally ill to do harm. It is our responsibility to ask our teachers, principals, school administrators, and our community leaders how safe they believe our school is, what the school safety plan is and how often is it practiced. Go look for yourself and unite with other parents to effectuate the proper changes. Having a plan and knowing the plan, whether it is for an active shooter, bomb threat, or natural disaster, is your responsibility. Assuming and relying on someone else to ask the tough questions about your children's safety is the real danger. Be proactive.”

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Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

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