Sensys America And City of Crestview, Florida Sign New Red Light Enforcement Contract

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ORLANDO, Fla. May 16, 2018

Sensys America, a leading provider of advanced technology for traffic safety enforcement, is proud to announce the City of Crestview, Florida has signed a contract to implement a new red light camera photo enforcement program.

Sensys America’s traffic enforcement technology is saving lives every day by changing driver’s behavior and decreasing red light running. Accidents from red light running are the most preventable accident, while T-bone crashes from red light running can cause the most injury and deaths.

The city council signed a contract for red light systems to be located at dangerous intersections throughout the City of Crestview.

Sensys America also provides red light camera enforcement in the Panhandle cities of Gulf Breeze and Midway, Florida. The cost-neutral advanced technology is not only saving lives in these cities but also providing law enforcement with investigative tools to catch criminals.

“We’re excited to welcome Crestview as our newest red light camera enforcement program in Florida. We’ve seen the success this red light camera technology has had in other cities and we look forward to making the streets of Crestview safer for its citizens and visitors,” said Carlos Lofstedt, President and CEO of Sensys America.

About Sensys America
Sensys America provides the most tested and widely used photo enforcement systems in the world with advanced technology for traffic safety and a commitment to reducing fatalities to zero. Sensys America, is a privately held company headquartered in Orlando, Florida with a US client base that includes customers in Florida, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Washington State. Sensys’ team of photo enforcement experts provides decades of combined experience developing, installing and operating photo red light and speed programs in the United States and throughout the World.

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