REELY and Kansas Athletics Team Up for Automated Content

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Development partnership will enhance automated content creation at the collegiate level.

Press Release updated: Mar 14, 2018 07:00 PDT

SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 14, 2018 – REELY, the leading computer vision and deep learning sports technology company, has announced a development partnership with Kansas Athletics during the Jayhawks’ baseball season to enhance the live highlight clipping and distribution experience at the collegiate level.

“Kansas Athletics understands the impact of technology and is an industry leader in translating that value to their fans,� REELY CFO Frank Bryan said. “Our development partnership will advance computer vision and AI across collegiate athletics and enhance our ability to work seamlessly in the sport of baseball.�

Based in Santa Monica, California, REELY utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to watch sports and create highlights automatically. The system uses a proprietary computer vision and AI model to “learn� what specific plays look like, such as goals or big hits and generate appropriate highlight clips.

Our development partnership will advance computer vision and AI across collegiate athletics and enhance our ability to work seamlessly in the sport of baseball.

Frank Bryan


“We look forward to this partnership and are excited to provide REELY the kind of content that will help expand their capabilities in the sport of baseball,� said Todd Kober, associate athletics director/executive director of external branding at Kansas. “Video is key in sports storytelling and their AI platform helps our staff maximize our content.�


REELY provides automated content solutions for sports organizations using advanced computer vision and deep learning systems. REELY’s proprietary workflow software automatically tags, clips, and distributes the best highlights in real time, enabling content owners to better engage with fans and monetize content more efficiently. REELY leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to power solutions to the toughest video challenges across a wide array of field sports.


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