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OVERLAND PARK, KS – 01-19-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Reed Financial Group is set to release an online course, Career Financial Transitions, to aid employees of Fortune 1000 companies who have recently been laid off. Featuring webinars from financial experts and suggestions on how to prepare for a period without work, the group hopes that the course can be a vital tool for people in a difficult situation.

During the current volatile and uncertain economic situation, the possibility of being laid off is very real. Despite the strengthening economy, major companies are continuing to lay workers off as they go through periods of readjustment and restructuring following the lingering collapse almost 10 years ago. Added to this, technologies unstoppable drive allows companies to further reduce human labor. Professionals who were once untouchable may now be facing the very real possibility of being let go.In order to address this coming problem, Reed Financial Group has decided to make use of its 20 plus years’ experience to produce a resource that will help those people that find themselves in difficult financial straits following a layoff, offering advice especially appropriate to employees aged between 45 – 64 and desiring to create the fastest route possible to an optimal retirement.Many people do not the intricacies of severance payouts, 401k’s, qualified plan re-structuring, proper investment allocations or re-organizing health plans. However, this is an area of expertise for Reed Financial Group founder, Doug Reed. Indeed, his two hit books, Career Financial Transitions and From Here to Retirement are also resources to be used for sound financial planning.For over 10 years, Doug has run workshops on how individuals should best manage their finances to ensure maximum returns during periods without work. Using his vast knowledge, he has already published two books on the same theme and now offers his insight to offer relief for those without work.On top of financial direction for those recently laid off, Reed Financial Group can also offer guidance on how best to use your finances to build a better future for retirement and senior years. About Reed Financial GroupReed Financial Group is an Overland Park, KS. -based wealth management firm specializing in helping retirees and soon-to-be retirees construct a sound financial plan for their future.

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