Raising The Needed Capital For Start-Ups Just Got Easier With Chompff Consulting

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    SACRAMENTO, CA, December 23, 2017 — Many creative ideas never get off the ground because of a frustrating lack of required capital to cultivate the brilliant ideas into viable businesses. Fundraising has been the bane of many start-ups over the years – and Chompff Consulting is intent on changing that narrative. More often than not, aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to generate funds due to a paucity of information about how to go about it, and not due to a lack of willing investors. With a connection to many investors in the business world, Chompff Consulting's mission is to help Entrepreneurs convert their business plans into scaled enterprises.

The firm has experts who have unmatched experience in turning ideas into businesses and helping them grow. Chompff Consulting employs a multi-phased approach in finding the right investors for businesses and ensuring the growth of start-ups. Experts are on-hand to walk prospective entrepreneurs through the steps of starting a strategic business and helping to tailor business pitches to the likings of investors. Furthermore, Chompff Consulting helps clients after the start-up phase, showing how to grow the business in the right direction without encountering growth issues.

The firm is particularly interested in solutions that are tipped to shape the future. Start-ups that are based on technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and ideas focusing on food safety solutions would be given special considerations. Chompff Consulting offers a unique opportunity to kick-start the next gamechanger in the world of entrepreneurship and technological solutions. Interested Entrepreneurs can contact Chompff Consulting at the firm's website to get started.

Established in Silicon Valley, 2001, Chompff Consulting helps entrepreneurs raise capital. We advise entrepreneurs
throughout the processes of starting a business including structuring, funding, and strategic management.

We also support investors in identifying top-of-class projects and VC firms, and bridge the gap between China and the United States to help investors succeed.

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Sarah Thompson

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