Public Perception of Minneapolis More Positive Following Super Bowl LII

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Local media, civic leaders and area businesses showcase city as high-end luxury destination

MINNEAPOLIS – 03-14-2018 (Press Release Jet) — After millions of eyes fell upon Minneapolis throughout Super Bowl week, the overall public impression of the Northern city is up. Minnesotans came together to showcase Minneapolis as a high-end luxury destination to both visiting tourists and spectators tuning in from across the country.

More than 103 million people watched the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the New England Patriots at Minneapolis’s U.S. Bank Stadium, according to Nielsen ratings. As one of the most-watched events of the year, Super Bowl LII shone a light on Minneapolis and gave it plenty of positive media coverage.

According to an American Public Media report, a higher proportion of Americans say they are more likely to think of Minneapolis as a good place to visit as a result of Super Bowl LII coverage. This positive response reflects civic leaders’ objectives surrounding the popular sporting event.

Hosting the Super Bowl gave civic leaders a chance to enhance Minneapolis’s national profile in hopes of generating increased tourism, recruiting talent and attracting new businesses well beyond the sporting event. Pregame projections indicated that 125,000 people would descend upon Minneapolis during the festivities to experience the city’s culture, restaurants and attractions.

Likewise, local businesses put their best foot forward to draw in tourist traffic. Overall, Minnesota businesses saw an increase of roughly $407 million in revenue due to the Super Bowl. 

Frank Roffers, publisher and editor-in-chief at Minneapolis-based magazine Artful Living, has heard nothing but positive feedback about his home city. “As the region’s only luxury magazine, we’ve been showcasing Minneapolis’s unique high-end offerings for the past decade,” he said. “We’re happy the Super Bowl helped millions of others discover just how great this city is.”

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