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LAS VEGAS, NV – 02-13-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Every press release distribution service aims at taking businesses to media sites And advertising it to potential customers thereby helping the business to succeed. There are many press release distribution services that fill the pages of the internet and if you are not properly guided you may go for the wrong one or one that will not give you a good return on investment. Let’s take a look at one of these press release distribution services; ‘’PR Newswire.’’

PR Newswire is a very good press release distribution service provider for high-end services. It takes your press release to many journalists and distributes to 300 media sites including top-tier news agencies like ABC, NBC, CW, FOX, and CBS. It provides social media sharing and search media optimization. However, PRNewswire charges high for its services. Its prices multiply the prices of some other high-end press distribution services. A press release by PR Newswire costs $775. There is also a yearly membership fee of $195 per member. This can be neck breaking for some business owners on a tight budget. Customers are allowed to buy an add-on before they can add extra services like images and videos to their press releases.Press Release Jet is another competitor with high-end services, good return on investment and more distribution list. Press release Jet has services that are comparable to that of PRNewswire but costs only a fraction of what PR Newswire charges. With Press Release Jet, there is nothing like yearly membership fee and there is nothing like buying an add-on for videos and images. Videos and images are added at no extra cost. A press release by Press Release Jet cost only $69 and it distributes your press release to over 375 media sites. This outnumbers the distribution list of PR Newswire. This means that there is a wider reach and more customers will get to know your business. Going for Press Release Jet will be a step in the right direction.To make your business more successful from today, you may have to call on Press Release Jet now.

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