Positive Approach Author & Keynote Speaker Erika Oliver Launches A Life Coaching Service

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CHARLOTTE, NC – 01-17-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Erika Oliver, Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder of Positive Approach Strategies, LLC is launching Life Coaching & Executive Coaching Services that will focus on taking a positive approach in everyday interactions. Now fans of Erika’s books and Motivational Speeches can receive one-on-one life coaching to improve interactions at home and work.   

“Cultivating happier, more productive environments at both work and home takes effort and support. People often tell me how much a seminar with me has changed their life once they enact what they have learned. Now they are able to reach out to me one on one for continued support in taking steps to a happier more productive life.” 
-Erika Oliver, Founder of Positive Approach Strategies LLC, Author, Keynote Speaker 
Executive Coaching and Life Coaching sessions with Erika will focus on individualized steps participants can take to change negative attitudes and environments in both their personal and professional lives.Life Coach and Executive Life Coach clients can expect to gain: .

  • Clarity, vision, and purpose.
  • A Fresh and dynamic perspective.
  • Positive communication skills.
  • Take action towards their goals.

“If an organization, team, family, or work environment is being bogged down with negativity I can help you be part of the “positive” solution.  Gossip, blame, and negativity tends to thrive in the absence of positive communication. Being an optimistic leader in a pessimist world is not for sissies. I’ll provide clients with the courage, tools, and motivation to cultivate optimism at home and work.”
-Erika Oliver, Founder of Positive Approach Strategies LLC, Author, Keynote Speaker, & Life Coach About Positive Approach Strategies, LLCAs founder of Positive Approach Strategies, Erika Oliver challenges and inspires teams and individuals to achieve their goals by approaching life from a more positive perspective. She lives near Charlotte, NC and travels around the country as a motivational speaker and connects remotely with life coach clients from all over the world. She is author of Three Good Things: Happiness Every Day, No Matter What!,  HAPPY CRAP 8 tools to Choose your thoughts for prosperity, productivity, and peace and Three Good Things: A Coloring Book for Everyone.To book Erika Oliver as a Keynote Speaker or Life Coach, please contact us through her website erikaoliver.com. Erika’s books are available for purchase through Amazon.

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