Play2Live Enters the Gulf Region – First blockchain-based eSports platform for gamers and viewers rolling out an Arabic version

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DUBAI, UAE – 03-14-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Play2Live (P2L) is the first game streaming platform which brings eSports together with the cutting-edge blockchain technology to UAE by rolling out an Arabic version of its Website and launching a Facebook community page. Utilizing unique P2L platform features, fans and streamers across UAE will have access to an enhanced interaction experience with the ability to earn and spend money doing what they love. 

Driven by blockchain technology, Play2Live has developed an ecosystem where each participant, including the viewer, has the potential to become a valuable player of the system. Focusing on content generation and practical needs of streamers, P2L is able to provide a whole new level in gaming including:

  • Streamerscan earn money from their very first stream, regardless of the size of their followers. With Play2Live, a streamer will be able to monetize his or her gaming passion in 11 ways compared to only 4-5 available on the existing streaming platforms. Streamers will have the facility to boost their followers by utilizing platform mechanisms as a system of interactive tasks during a stream, betting service, enhanced communication in the chat, and many others.
  • Viewerscan enjoy an advertising-free streaming platform. Viewers will no longer be passive observers and for the first time, be able monetize their content in 5 ways — watching advertising; voting and other kinds of contribution on the platform; sharing their internet bandwidth via peer-to-peer CDN; performing tasks set by the streamers; betting and gambling. Users who actively contribute to the platform are rewarded in the form of tokens.
  • eSports tournament organizers can collect funds for tournament arrangement for any game on the platform. The users influence content generation process directly.

Play2Live aims to create a unique economy based on the revenue sharing model with a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) as the only means of payment on the platform.

Well positioned in the $100 billion plus gaming and eSports industry, the P2L platform offers 15 sources of revenue, three times more compared to the streaming industry leaders, and spread across advertising, partnership programs (betting and gambling, duels between players, purchase of games) and micro-transactions and interactives (subscriptions, donations, assigning tasks to streamers and viewers, promotion of broadcasts, totalizator of eSports events, P2P CDN, etc).

The Play2Live system advantage is that we are an independent generator of gaming and eSports content and a potential partner for other eSports platform,” said Alexey Burdyko, CEO of Play2Live.  “This means the LUC blockchain can be used to continually integrate new products and new partners into the system with the ability to interact with the platform’s audience.” 

All the innovative features of P2L are made possible by the blockchain, a decentralized technology that makes transactions secure, transparent, and convenient.

Led by Alexey Burdyko, who brings experience in setting up successful and profitable businesses in both IT and eSports, the Play2Live team brings solid experience in eSports, gaming, cryptocurrency, marketing and promotion of gaming projects that separate P2P from all others. 

About Play2Live

Founded in 2017, Play2Live is aimed to merge a blockchain technology and streaming services. Its mission is to create an ecosystem where every participant, including viewers, streamers and eSports tournament organizers will have a better interaction and various monetization tools. Play2Live uses a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) which is a currency within the system. It can be easily converted to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money through a gateway/API.

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