PaceMateâ„¢ Partners with the Center for Body Computing at the University of Southern California, Leading the Way Together in Patient-Centered Digital Care

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BRADENTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PaceMateâ„¢ is pleased to announce a partnership with the Center for Body Computing (CBC) at the University of Southern California as of March 2018. The CBC is a digital health research and innovation center that is reimagining everyday health and wellness services for the mainstream patient population, modern caregiver and provider, and healthcare system underwriters. Their mission is to make health services more accessible and affordable to a broader population. PaceMateâ„¢ is a cloud-based data management software company that provides real-time remote monitoring services for the connected patient—from pacemakers to ICDs to wearables and other implantable monitors. PaceMateâ„¢ facilitates the engagement between doctor and patient to improve outcomes.

The partnership will capitalize on the strengths of both companies. PaceMateâ„¢ will provide a data management platform that will allow the CBC to continue to pioneer ways to better engage patients in the digital world for better outcomes. The PaceMateâ„¢ + CBC partnership will lead to co-sponsored research projects, product development, and future innovations in the digital healthcare space. From self-driving cars that monitor heart rate and blood pressure to real-time patient feedback via smartphones, PaceMateâ„¢ + CBC will lead the way in the patient-centered digital ecosystem.

“Our partnership with the CBC represents a huge win for patients worldwide,� says Dr. Kevin Campbell, CEO of PaceMate™. “By working together to provide patient-centered digital solutions in the cardiac space, we are confident our partnership will lead to new innovations that will further empower patients to make real-time healthcare decisions based on extremely robust and accurate biometric data. Patients will no longer be dependent on a physician or healthcare system for feedback on their progress with managing a chronic disease—It will be pushed to them in real time through their mobile device. This partnership will leverage the experience and talent at the CBC and the innovative technologies supplied by PaceMate™ to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients across the globe.�

About PaceMateâ„¢

PaceMateâ„¢ was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of device data inundating clinicians on a daily basis. The PaceMateâ„¢ team saw a need to develop innovative technology to streamline the device clinic, improve workflow, reduce medical errors, and take better care of patients. PaceMateâ„¢ is a team of IBHRE-certified device experts, registered nurses, electrophysiologists, and senior-level software engineers that delivers a complete, fully automated, vendor-neutral software and expert-service solution, which filters data into clinically actionable information and provides customized alert triage, as well as automated coding and claim prep.

About the USC Center for Body Computing

The USC Center for Body Computing is the digital health innovation center for the Keck Medicine of USC medical enterprise. Collaborating with inventors, strategists, designers, investors, and visionaries from healthcare, entertainment, and technology, the USC CBC serves as a national leader on digital health and wearable technology. Founded in 2006 by Leslie Saxon, a trained USC cardiologist, the CBC was one of the nation’s first academically based centers to focus on digital health solutions. Dr. Saxon, an internationally renowned digital health guru, has spoken at TEDMED, SXSW, and WIRED international conferences and participates on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory group on global medical app regulations. Additionally, she recently participated in the Bipartisan Policy Center panel discussion on medical apps and health IT cybersecurity and was recognized as the nation’s “Most Tech Savvy Doctorâ€� by Rock Health. For more information about the USC CBC, visit

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