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Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA January 16, 2018 – Elijah Douresseau, a new author to sign with Kellan Publishing, is set to release a literary novella that centers on a journey of faith – with an interesting intersection of food – to make the tale one of quirks and insights into the recent coming of age demographic.

“Chalkboard Specials, For Those Who Need Shelter Inside,� releasing in print and e-book formats Sunday, January 28th, 2018, follows the spiritual growth and development of an emergent inner-city adult, Vern Thompson, on his way to college. This isn’t a typical slice of life, character study. The reader checks in with Vern in every chapter before he starts a new school year in college. No play-by-play. Just a food date with the protagonist as he chews on the year he’s had, and the perceived year ahead – further into the sea of adulthood. Presented by Kellan Publishing.

Elijah will be throwing a digital pre-launch party to celebrate the upcoming release of Chalkboard Specials. Anyone interested should follow any of his social media accounts (FB: elijahdouresseau.scribe; Instagram: ( @ ) elijahdouresseau dot scribe; Twitter: ( @ ) Some_Say_Elijah) and tune in on January 23rd for his posts prompting the party dot The first three people to share or promote the book with the hashtags – #chalkboardspecialsbook; #elijahdnewauthor and #elijahdkp will receive a free e-book copy of the new book dot

Chalkboard Specials is a graphic narrative that takes a special look at faith, as it relates to socio-economic status. There are certainly people in the ‘‘hood’ with spiritual journeys, but they are often overlooked. This narrative takes an opportunity to not only examine the life of someone with different experiences of growing up in the US, but also gets a unique lens with which to gaze upon it, namely food.

“I love that your book is about digging deeper and getting to know someone and the amazing life that they lead!� – Alana Bonilla, Assistant Director/Trainee at Directors Guild of America

Within each chapter of the story, Vern brings you closer and closer to his heart, to the mechanisms he uses to process the worlds around him, and that’s with an alimentary obsession he exhibits every summer when we catch up with him. From hot wings to college-centric Frankenstein foods, Vern’s journey gets as deep with many layers as a mid-Western dinner casserole. And to reinforce this form in function motif, there are intermittent illustrations throughout the book to play with the food element as a developing character as well.

Elijah Douresseau is a graduate from the Colorado College, class of 2013, where he majored in English, in the Creative Writing track. He has written for several multimedia projects but hangs his hat on the long literary traditions of prose, and comic books. He currently co-hosts a monthly podcast and keeps up a couple writing blogs to showcase his fondness for experimental fiction that marries the forms of various social media platforms. He hopes to start on new graphic stories soon, to explore other possibilities of the interplay of illustrations and prose in more adult-oriented works.
For more information about CHALKBOARD SPECIALS, FOR THOSE WHO NEED SHELTER INSIDE, please visit (ELIJAHDWRITING.WEEBLY.COM or KELLANPUBLISHING.COM/ELIJAH-DOURESSEAU) or contact Kellan Publishing at Publishing ( @ ) KellanPublishing dot com.


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