“Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story), the New TV Show Parody of Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” on Amazon Prime

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“Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story) is just in time for the Amazon Prime Pilot season. It involves a parody Alex Jones who is a right wing American conspiracy theorist.

Los Angeles, CA – January 2, 2018 – “Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story) is a new show that is soon streaming on Amazon Prime. The show has already raised eyebrows among the political community due to it’s parody of the controversial conspiracy news host “Alex Jones”. The show is basically a parody of Alex Jones who is a right wing American conspiracy theorist. Viewers can see Alan Jones working behind the scenes fighting all kinds of lawsuits, public media humiliations, and government conspiracies. Many have already compared the show to the hit, and popular sitcom “The Office”. While such a comparison is not without substance, “Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story) has a whole new concept, and take on edgy parody shows. Which makes it much crazier than “The Office”.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/MU_ZpYE43eM

George Boseman came up with the concept, who stars in the show as the eponymous character Alan Jones. Many of the old “Cosby” show creators are producers of the show. As well as Jo Rauen, Babatunde Odesanya, and Colin Batista who is the associate producer Karate Kid 2 starring “Jaden Smith.” The show also features the “Sklar Twins” comics, and billboard charting singer Eli Jas. The music for the series has been composed by Aaron Kenny who worked on Beauty and The Beast (2017). The pilot first screened on the 24th of December, 2017. Ever since then it has caused a lot of waves on the social media. The show has been praised widely for its innovative writing, and out of the box presentation.


George Boseman had a unique childhood that comes out in his writing. He grew up in an environment that was racially dividing. Such experiences developed into his creative writing skills. Over the years he developed unique approach to comedic writing, that can be aptly described as paranoid, yet innocent. In the show, viewers will find Alan Jones, a crazed, paranoid and passionate right wing conspiracy theorist has another side most don’t see. Marcia Klien (played by Charis Retherford), his producer has to turn a simple low budget YouTube / public access show into a major social media empire while getting sued every 5 minutes. The show is also likely to have numerous A list and B list appearing every now and then.

It is this unusual and unique premise of the show that has got the attention of the comedy world. George Boseman has already developed rising career for himself writing on Late Night, CollegHumor, and other network shows. With his great humor, and highly original ideas.

About “Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story):

“Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story) is a show that has been made for the Amazon Prime network. It is basically a parody sketch on Alex Jones, a right wing conspiracy theorist who comes up with all kinds of crazy ideas and theories.

To know more about “Media Wars” (The Alan Jones Story), please visit http://m.imdb.com/title/tt7636420/

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